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  1. Tupenny

    Emblem removal

    Madcratebuilder nailed it. I de-badge my vehicles pretty much the same day I bring them home. I use fishing line to remove the badge, then a "gunk" removed or wd-40 to clean up the residue. I use a hair dryer to warm then remove stickers (like the giant Rubicon hood decal) and then apply orange...
  2. Tupenny

    Best Trasharoo Mod Ever

    That makes sense. I purchased one a few months ago however haven't used it yet; I have a bike rack on my spare that has to be dismantled before I can hook the bag on. We have bears here in Florida also, hell I have bears in my yard on a weekly basis! Camping I put the garbage in the air in a...
  3. Tupenny

    Best Trasharoo Mod Ever

    Do you use something else?
  4. Tupenny

    US Southeast Central Florida Overland Bound Member Meetup

    Can't make this one, hopefully catch you guys next round
  5. Tupenny

    So this happened this morning!

    That's not good. I don't have anything like that to share, hope you got out of there on time today
  6. Tupenny

    Quick Game Camera Question ?

    That's a pretty good price for a cell camera. I looked into those also when I was setting mine up however I don't remember what the service addition cost was. The beauty of those is that a notification is sent directly to you. If your concerned about security, this is one of those services that...
  7. Tupenny

    Quick Game Camera Question ?

    Yes. Most likely (depends on your camera and how you set it up) you can remove the card, view the photos and put the card back in and it will continue to record. Your camera might set up a new folder, however the photos will be preserved. You do not need to reformat each time. I take my laptop...
  8. Tupenny


    This second batch was stored at 50% . I put them on the charger (intelligent charging hub), lights went feel and they were charging as normal. Went to grab them the next day and they were dead. No response from the charger or the batteries. Doesn't make sense to me.
  9. Tupenny

    2018 Subaru BRZ build + planning

    Can't wait to see this happen. I had a fully tuned FG2 that I used for everything from carving mountain passes to country exploring. It worked well although it was low.
  10. Tupenny

    Aaron from Tampa Bay, FL

    Welcome from Longwood! Nice looking rig.
  11. Tupenny


    Reminds me of the first time I tested the auto-home feature. I didn't read the instructions, just pressed the home button and the first thing it did was shoot straight up into overhanging tree limbs. Obstacle avoidance doesn't work so well vertically and if the drone is below a certain level it...
  12. Tupenny


    Anyone having (intelligent) battery issues with the DJI Phantom 4? I have gone through 4 of the intelligent batteries, they just stopped charging. And this is with a couple of uses. They were charging one day then dead and would not turn on the next.
  13. Tupenny

    Member Rides

    I would've loved to see you on the Tail. I've (regrettably) recently sold my FG touge monster. You're either the envy or the bane of all tuners that day lol! Glad you're doing it
  14. Tupenny

    Evacuees from Dorian from the South East

    Thank you so much for the offer
  15. Tupenny

    Hurricane Dorian Evac spot

    Thank you Mike
  16. Tupenny

    Using rigs during bad weather or natural disasters

    I lived in Kentucky and we had ice storms that would knock out power for days. The pendulum swings from here problems of heat, up there, problems of no heat. We were lucky to have access to natural gas, and set up a generator to run from it when power went down.
  17. Tupenny

    Using rigs during bad weather or natural disasters

    Yep, we're tied down. I slept through Irma and got right to cleaning and sawing the next day. That's my Plan 1 for this one as well. I'd rather be here to deal with an issue before it gets too big. But if it does get big, well I've got a couple options for that as well
  18. Tupenny

    Using rigs during bad weather or natural disasters

    Def gonna lose power where we live. We were out for 8 or 9 days from Irma in '17; our power frequently goes out during regular storms
  19. Tupenny

    G'evening from Florida.

    Welcome from Longwood. Stay safe & dry