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  1. Kevtd

    Road Trip Bay Area to Jasper to Banff to Glacier to Yellowstone to Tetons

    BC has a fantastic list of forest service campsites. All should be within what your FJ can comfortably do Iv used a few and one was absolutely mosquito infested but the rest were stunning with no one for miles. Here is the site for them Recreation Sites and Trails BC As for things to see the...
  2. Kevtd

    Antenna suggestions.. Ham/CB

    I have to second Preunner on the fender mount. I install radios in airport vehicles and that is where we put all of ours. You are correct that the skin of that camper is going to suck as a ground plane so I would say your best bet is a fender mount. Two small holes on the inside of your engine...
  3. Kevtd

    X-Bull Recovery Tracks...another inexpensive alternative

    This is a fantastic idea. If I end up with some darker ones I will likely tag em with marker paint as well. Ya the length is a concern for me there. Chances are they will be used in sand and snow more then anything. With the lower clearance of the volvo I thought they might be easier to...
  4. Kevtd

    X-Bull Recovery Tracks...another inexpensive alternative

    Has anyone tried a shorter board? Im considering this for the wagon since space is an issue and they wont see much use. FieryRed Innovative version Recovery Traction Mat Currently my alternative is either their full sized version or this one here. I have never owned traction boards so id love...
  5. Kevtd

    Power Inverter question

    It can be done with the stock battery in the Subaru but you then have to worry about draining the battery. I would be sure to. Fuse something like this close to the battery. Put it on a switch if it does not have its own (will draw power even with nothing plugged in). Possibly put in a low...
  6. Kevtd

    LED Vs Halogen For Driving Lights

    As far as I know you are correct, however I have always found LED lights to have very little reach comparably speaking. But I would rather use one for the durability, life span and lower power draw. Been looking at these. The problem is that i know the hellas are good and I wont have to rig...
  7. Kevtd

    LED Vs Halogen For Driving Lights

    What are peoples thoughts on LED spots for off road lights? I am a big beliver in having a second light source on any rig since not only for making driving at night better but safety as well. (I have had to drive out on one single fog light once, luckily the Pajero had 7" "fogs") I have always...
  8. Kevtd

    Roof Rack and equipment = top heavy?

    I had a little Chevy Tracker with a roof basket for a while and I have to say I sure felt the extra weight especially when it got to be more then a can of gas or so. My advice is to mount fuel, high lift and water on your bumper if possible and minimize top weight. I never rolled but it for sure...
  9. Kevtd

    Old School Maps and Printing of Them

    I cant recommend the back roads map book enough for anyone in Canada. They have different books for different regions or a Canada wide version. When I was scouting roads for a rally we had offline google maps, offline apple maps as well as a dedicated GPS unit. Road ended on all the digital...
  10. Kevtd

    Volvo XC70 2011 overland build

    Hey another Volvo build! Love seeing more of these XC70's! Super jealous of the polestar to. Found out after buying my 05 I was one year too soon to get the tune. Sweet rig man cant wait to see where you take it.
  11. Kevtd

    What was the biggest suprise you got on a trail?

    For sure my biggest surprise was taking a friend from the prairies out in the mountains (He had basically never wheeled on anything larger then a light slope nor in an actual forest) after a few hours of branches dragging along our paint and another tree across the road we decide to walk up...
  12. Kevtd

    My 2005 Volvo Adventure Wagon Build

    Bought this a little while ago with the intention of turning it into my adventure/ road trip/ dirt road camping wagon and I absolutely LOVE it so far. Not nearly as tough as my old Pajero but its a great daily and I really love driving it so I am for sure looking forward to this build. First...
  13. Kevtd

    Rivian Will Bring Electric to Off-Road

    I'm no expert but i know the lithium ion batteries we use at work really seem to suffer in the cold AND can become unstable at very high temps as well. That said, if they pull off better batteries I would happily do my traveling in an electric.
  14. Kevtd

    Honeymoon Trip Planning Help

    Haha the congratulations are a bit pre mature. Were not even officially engaged (have to delay the public part for personal reasons but that will be in the next few weeks) But I will for sure post pictures!
  15. Kevtd

    Honeymoon Trip Planning Help

    These responses are exactly why I posted this thank you! @old_man After showing these to her we have decided to shorten the distance (probably by cutting out the northern half) and see about giving ourselves more time in fewer places instead. Hearing from people like you is exactly why I...
  16. Kevtd

    Honeymoon Trip Planning Help

    Well my Fiancee and I are planning to make our honeymoon a 2 week or longer road trip around a bunch of western north America. Iv have been down the coast all before but never further inland in the states. We have a rough route planned out so far leaving Vancouver headed east to Banff and...
  17. Kevtd

    New Member from British Columbia CA

    Thanks for the info! Ya im in the Vancouver area so I will for sure try and get out to one of your meet ups in the next few months once things calm down around here.
  18. Kevtd

    New Member from British Columbia CA

    Joined a little while ago but with my Pajero down I wanted to wait until I had my vehicle to do my intro and now that I have one again here it is! Iv got a 92 Pajero with transmission issues (dead to me now so shes on the way out) but my daily/ adventure vehicle now is a 2005 Volvo XC70. So far...
  19. Kevtd

    Greetings from the coastal BC mountains!

    Spat out a trans, finally found a replacement and got it in but now it makes this horrific knock and spews white.... Concerning since I never touched the engine. I also don't have a place to store it anymore so once I finally get it figured out I probably have to sell it or find a friend who...
  20. Kevtd

    DIY-Low Cost Swing Down Hitch Mount Spare Tire Rack

    For sure stealing this until I can do a real swing out. Never thought of doing it this way and I love it