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  1. Correus

    10 Things Your Car Says About You

    Just found this article in my mailbox, thought some of you might enjoy it. #7 and #1 are really interesting IMHO. I've read the same thing in a few other psychology articles as well. 10 Things Your Car Says About You Cheers! Larry
  2. Correus

    Relic Run - Utah

    Have any of you ever participated in the Utah Relic Run? I would love to participate in something like this as well as form a "relic 4x4" type club in my area.
  3. Correus

    Jurassic Jaunt

    Hello Everyone - Last week SWMBO and I took a long weekend trip to attend our youngest niece's college graduation in Canyon, TX. It was a rather quick trip (a little over 1,000 miles round trip) filled with lots of investigative stops. As the title indicates the route we took was chock full...
  4. Correus

    Alternative to "Overlanding"

    Ran across a newish overlanding type magazine called "ROVA". didn't really care for the magazine yet the name got me to thinking. There have been a few discussions out there lately about the word "overlanding" being overused and perhaps using a different term. How about "roving"?
  5. Correus

    Backpacking Chef

    Not sure if it's kosher to post this here or not. If not, my apologies and who ever is able to move it feel free to do so. I've seen a few threads dealing with food storage and prep on here and thought this would be a good site for everyone to see. It is designed for backpacking but the same...
  6. Correus

    Weird Threads

    Any one know what's up with all the weird threads all of a sudden? Several are in Chinese or say "**** - New Threads in Watched Topic".
  7. Correus

    I Spy With My Little Eye....

    Teakettle Junction, CA
  8. Correus

    How Many Members?

    Hello everyone! Hey - I got an email a little bit ago for "Overland Expo West 2018". Reading through it I noticed the Membership Emblem - it has 5 digits (!!!) Instead of the 4 typically seen. Has the Membership odometer tripped over into the 5 figure bracket?
  9. Correus

    Grill Badges

    Hello Everyone! My OB badge arrived last week but wasn't able to create this thread till now - I wasn't able to get to my other badges until yesterday. From what I can tell grill badges, as well as collecting & displaying them on the grill, are primarily a UK and Common Wealth thing and never...