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  1. adventures_with_brunettej

    Mattress for Camper Shell Truck & Emergency Ready Bag

    Hello all, I am looking for a mattress to put inside of my truck on top of a shelving unit. I am in the process of buying a camper shell for my truck so I would like to start looking now for the best mattress for my truck. Any other truck owners that have a mattress inside of their truck that...
  2. adventures_with_brunettej

    2017 Chevy Silverado/Daily Driver

    Hello all- I have been on the forum for a year now (I think) and I can't remember if I started a build thread or not. My truck is also my daily driver so I haven't been able to add everything I want to do to it. Pending mods: Camper Shell- Snugtop (Rebel) Nitto Grabbler Level Decked drawers...
  3. adventures_with_brunettej

    Universal attachment for Iphone & Go Pro?

    Does anyone know if RAM Mount makes a universal attachment for an iphone and a Go Pro. I really do not want to purchase 2 seperate attachments for the iphone and the go pro. I am going to be buying
  4. adventures_with_brunettej

    Racetrack Playa and other high clearance locations

    Hey all, I am kind of a new truck owner but really new to taking my truck off the road. I'm kind of re-thinking that I may have bought the wrong truck for taking it off the road. I really love my truck and I honestly do not want to trade it in or sell it especially since I am still paying it...
  5. adventures_with_brunettej


    Hey all Do any of you use a go pro and mount it on your dashboard to record everything you see on your drive to and from? Have any sturdy recommendations for go pro mounts? Other than the ones that you guys build and construct to add to your vehicles. I am thinking about buying a go pro and I...
  6. adventures_with_brunettej

    Pros VS Cons to Truck Cab vs RTT

    Hey all! Before I invest anymore money into my truck. I want to make sure I am going the right direction with it. I own a Chevy Silverado. You guys have way more experience in this than I do. and hopefully can give me some good advice. Can you please give me pro VS cons to Truck Cab vs RTT...
  7. adventures_with_brunettej

    2017 Blue Chevy Silverado

    Hello all- So this will be my first build thread for my truck. I am actually looking for suggestions on racks for my truck bed to add a tent to it and drawers for my truck bed. This is proving to be more difficult than I thought. I am also not as handy and crafty as most of you are. I wish...
  8. adventures_with_brunettej

    Racks for Chevy trucks

    Hello all, I was trying to search the forum for the best place to post this question. Couldn't find one so I thought I would ask the West Region. I am trying to search for the best rack for a Chevy truck. I want to still be able to store stuff in the bed of the truck. Though without having to...
  9. adventures_with_brunettej

    Hello from the Bay Area

    Hello all, My name is Jennifer, from Alameda, Ca. I thought I would join to see if I could get any advice on what would be the best option for me in a tent. I honestly do not want to buy a tent for my truck bed and waste the money. I rather buy a good quality tent for my truck. I have a...