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  1. HawkH3Alpha

    Propane fire pit and a wok

    Watching lifestyle overland on YouTube I ready liked the idea of having a propane fire pit especially when there is a fire ban and you still want a campfire. At the same time I also was eyeing a kimbo Scootle but remembered that somewhere in my camping gear I had a new stainless steel scootle...
  2. HawkH3Alpha

    Mounting a rhino 270 awning on a ARB roof rack

    Anyone mounted a 270 rhino rack on a ARB roof rack? If so what brackets did you use?
  3. HawkH3Alpha

    Overnight camping at Lake Ray Roberts State Park in North Texas

    Last minute overnight camping trip. 37 deg this morning but the sleeping bags and tent kept us nice and worm.
  4. HawkH3Alpha

    Older IPad mini with Gaia

    I have an older IPad that won’t let me upgrade to ISO 10. How can I load Gaia to it? Is it possible?
  5. HawkH3Alpha

    Yeti 400, solar panel Dalema?

    I just bought a yeti 400 power generator. What is your take to pick on solar panel/s for overlanding with a RTT? Ridged with a frame, foldable or flexible?
  6. HawkH3Alpha

    WWII Spen trailer transformation

    After building our base exposition trailer we needed a second trailer for errands around town since we don’t have a pickup. I scoured Craigslist and found an old Spen trailer that was built similar to the WWII bantam M100 trailers. Although she was a rust bucket underneath I could tell she had...