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  1. Overland California

    Forrest road/easy trails near Sequoia NP

    There's a lot of forrest roads out in Sequoia NP. I'd recommend using Gaia GPS (premium) with their USFS MVUM and new USFS Roads and Trails map overlays to scout things out. I've never been out there but I'd love to learn about what you end up doing.
  2. Overland California

    40k buget looking to join the overland community

    First you need to decide what kind over overlanding you want to do - technical trails? Remote camping? Long term or extended living? Parking lot camping during meet ups and coffee? Then decide on what kind of vehicle fits your needs – full size pick up, midsize SUV, etc. Then decide how much...
  3. Overland California

    Tahoe/Rubicon Trail?

    The Rubicon is a serious trail and chances are your mostly stock Tahoe won't make it through the gatekeeper or if it does, off the trail. You'll want front and rear lockers, no trailer, openness for body damage in a full size rig, lots of spare parts and fluids and the know-how on replacing...
  4. Overland California

    Camp Stove

    Interesting. I found it to be slimmer and narrower than the Camp Chef that it replaced. I guess its all relative.
  5. Overland California

    Pismo / Oceano Dunes recommendations?

    Two real good points here: 1. The dunes drop off steeply going away from the ocean. Go slow away from the ocean and quicker coming back. 2. Flags are actually a requirement in the dunes. You can get a ticket if you don't have one. Spend the $10 on Amazon or near the entrance to keep everyone a...
  6. Overland California

    • Axe & Shovel Recommendations

    I really like my DMOS Stealth shovel. Long handle for my 6'7" height, good metal parts, serrated edge for scraping ice but not dangerous to users, compact storage.
  7. Overland California

    Garmin InReach SE+ at Costco

    That's really nice!
  8. Overland California

    Garmin InReach SE+ at Costco

    I feel the same way! I really want the standalone GPS unit of the Explorer+ but don't really want to spend the money since I mostly use my iPhone when hiking away from the vehicle and iPad in-cab. I like the idea of redundancy and not having to rely on an ever-changing Apple product to see my...
  9. Overland California

    Cancelled West Coast/Bay Area Meetup - Half Moon Bay, California

    I might be able to make it. Could go for some chowder over at Sam's Chowder House too!
  10. Overland California

    Blue Ridge Overland/ Customer Service

    Thanks for the input @TerryD and @zach white. I do love their products and their customer service has been top-notch. These are just frustrating mistakes that I've dealt with and things are moving so slow with them. That said, I'd order from them again but I won't anticipate receiving the item...
  11. Overland California

    Blue Ridge Overland/ Customer Service

    I'd like to update my original post as I just received my Deal of the Day from November (11/14 or thereabouts). Unfortunately they forgot to include part of my order. I reached out to them on IG and they got back to me quickly, apologized, and said that individual item was backordered. Was that...
  12. Overland California

    Camp Stove

    I was gifted this classic Coleman Stove after my 10-year old Camp Chef burned out and it's worked wonders. Boils with ease, simmers, and easy to clean.
  13. Overland California

    1984 Ford Bronco Project

    Gray and red looks good!
  14. Overland California

    Best state for overlanding?

    I'm a big fan of California's outdoors but not much of a fan of the cost of living, traffic, politically correct police, gas prices, etc. I'd say Nevada, Idaho, and Utah offer the best mix of overlanding and in-vehicle/out-of-vehicle outdoor experiences; all at a great price.
  15. Overland California

    iPad Mini or iPad

    Totally personal preference – if I was using it exclusively for in-cab use, I would probably stick with the mini. Cheaper, smaller to store, takes up less space in your mid-size cabin. If I was mounting it in a full-size truck, then I'd probably look at a bigger iPad (actually I use a 9.7" iPad...
  16. Overland California

    1984 Ford Bronco Project

    Looks good! How much did all of that body mount hardware from LMC run you? I couldn't get their catalog to work for me when I was shopping around for new mount hardware.
  17. Overland California

    US West Mojave Road Overland Trip 4/14/19-4/19/19 - 04/14/2019

    I'd like to go but I have another long trip in Moab a few weeks after. I'll say I'm in for now, but that may change. Sounds like a fun trip!
  18. Overland California

    The 2020 Jeep Gladiator is Ready to Rumble

    I think the Gladiator is a cool looking rig and I'd love to own one with a Go Fast Camper. I do think the drivetrain might not hold up once us Overlanders add our heavy gear - tent, fridge, bumpers, sliders, skid, gear, passengers, etc. Lucky for the consumer, there will be plenty of bolt-in...
  19. Overland California

    Overland Bound - Shasta Cascade Christmas Tree Hunt. - 12/01/2018

    Man, that looks like a fun trip! Have fun and share some photos of the adventure and tree you decide on!