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  1. 1derer

    FOR SALE 1988 HJ75 - UTE (RV) - San Jose, CA - $29,500

    Photo Link: Photos 1988 HJ75 FOR SALE: $29,500 Registered, Titled , Replacement VIN in California 1988 Toyota HJ75 UTE - Right Hand Drive : Country of Origin: Australia Miles: 72,000KM - 45,000 miles Engine: 2H Diesel (mpg: HWY/ CITY 21/16 ) Transmission: H55F - 5 speed Drive: 4WD - Front...
  2. 1derer

    Anyone build own 18650 12v battery?

    I am considering building a 100AH 18650 battery pack for my rig. Currently I have 400w solar (Just finished building), 30A MPPT controller with li support + custom settings 2 x 100amp deep cycle I would like to reclaim some space and weight hopefully also allowing for deeper drain cycle...
  3. 1derer

    Coalinga Mineral Springs - CA

    Wondering if anyone has been to Coalinga Mineral Springs 36.1346142, -120.5554750 Impressions on camping, trails, hiking??
  4. 1derer

    What to do with that spare tire (trucks)

    I am sure this has been part of many discussions but I'd love to hear if there are any other creative ideas that have not been thought of... 1. Under the truck where it was designed to go: Honestly I'd love to do this but common problem over sized tires don't fit under the truck. 2. Custom...
  5. 1derer

    SFO Adventure Swap

    Who else is aware of this swap meet in the SF bay area? I was messaged on Facebook because they wanted to show my Toyota Troop there. Wanted to see if anyone from OB is planning on attending?
  6. 1derer

    Getting it done on the Cheap

    Overlanding doesn't need to be expensive or only available to those with massive amounts of disposable incomes. I wanted to start this thread how to "outfit and explore" without breaking the bank. The idea of making it yourself increasing knowledge putting in the effort instead of the cash...
  7. 1derer

    Pickup VS SUV

    This is a question that I have asked my self a lot lately. I have owned both but only ever used an SUV for overloading since I like sleeping in the rig. But with some of the awesome solutions available that is becoming less of an issue (RTTs, Bed Solutions, Toppers, Light Campers, ETC). I...
  8. 1derer

    Cummins Repower, news, speculation!?

    For many of us with older rigs or rigs with hungry power plants Cummins announcement into the crate engine market is a very interesting prospect. Over the years many have shoehorned 3.9L 4bt or 6bt engines for better torque and MPGs. Just about every non-cummins rig that I have owned I've...
  9. 1derer

    Tire Slime?

    I always wondered if there was any advantages in using tire slime. Personally I have always carried plugs only needed to use them twice. Anyone have experience with using tire slime, good, bad or indifferent?
  10. 1derer

    Overlanding Stories, WTFs, OMGs and WOWs

    Reading some different threads it seems that most people have some amazing stories, close calls and things that just make you say.... wow. I wanted to hear more who else has one of these amazing incidents? I guess I have had an uneventful path and honestly don't have anything outrageous...
  11. 1derer

    R12 Air Conditioning

    I have a 1988 Toyota import, the AC is weak but still does provide some cool air. I wanted to look into it figured it was best to ask the question 1st! If there is coolant loss how do you recharge the system? Bad compressor is it best to replace or convert the system to 134a? Is it possible to...
  12. 1derer

    Experience importing rigs from out of country

    I wanted to start a thread for those who have the idea or can share their experiences with importing rigs from out of their countries. The experience, process and success can vary greatly depending how its done and where you live. I happen to live in one of the most difficult states in the US...
  13. 1derer

    1979 HJ45 Toyota Troopy Diesel - CA

    I have a 1979 Toyota Troopy HJ45 Diesel 4spd RHD Good for restore needs some rust repair and electrical work. Runs good, drives, stops, is registered , I have CLEAN CA TITLE, This truck went through DMV technical compliance and is 100% legal!!! Let me know if you have questions. $21,995 Located...
  14. 1derer

    Overland by Motorcycle Post Pics...

  15. 1derer

    Rooftop Cargo Carrier - Experience Opinions?

    I am considering trying a roof top cargo carrier just not sure if they are up for the task. Does anyone have experience using one? Pluses, minuses, opinions? Seems you would still need to pack everything into separate bags. Thanks Generic picture not model I'd find on one CL
  16. 1derer

    Auto Locker (s) in Snow and Slick

    I have plenty of experience with selectable lockers factory and ARB but now that I am building out another rig just for overlanding that I have already spent more $ then I'd like to admit I need to ask the question is an auto locker an option? I figure rear is a good bet what about upfront will...
  17. 1derer

    Backcountry Discovery Routes

    I have seen posts about Washington Route anyone do the other routes? Experiences, Pictures, advice? WABDR AZBDR COBDR ORBDR there are a few others but I am mostly interested in the routes closer to CA. Also if you ride MC I can go that route also. Thanks
  18. 1derer

    Use Amazon? What's in your wish list?

    I have found that the Amazon wish list is a mixed blessing! Sure its great for Amazon but the reminder that Oh! I want, or can use that!! So what is in your wish list?
  19. 1derer

    Bedliner Urethane spray kits

    Anyone have experience with using these spray kits for painting your rig or parts of your rig (other then the bed)? I'd want to color it to light grey if possible. I have some experience spraying car paint but never material like this. I'd like to spray the Cab maybe the camper on the back but...
  20. 1derer

    Lets see the sun rise pictures!

    Los Padres National Forest