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  1. shellbackbob

    Need some help finding a thread

    That's It!! thank you
  2. shellbackbob

    On Call w/ Chris Episode 02: Trauma vs First Aid

    Thank you for all the great information. I hope not to have to use any of the info, but it's always good to be prepaired
  3. shellbackbob

    Need some help finding a thread

    I was reading a thread about first aid a few weeks ago, now I can't find it. the OB was a doctor. some of the titles where "on call with" gave great lists for all of his first aid kits I have tried to use the thread finder but have not been successful. thanks bob
  4. shellbackbob

    Pack Monadnock & Mt. Monadnock New Hampshire

    I'm going to look into that one. sounds good. I have done most all the fire towers in the ADK and VT. thanks
  5. shellbackbob

    What piece of gear made the biggest improvement to your experience?

    "What piece of gear made the biggest improvement to your experience?" Hands down this form! all the ideas and tips everyone gives is priceless. Just this thread I found a shower idea, a off-road teardrop (most likely can't afford) and a frig set up that I will need to look more into. thanks everyone
  6. shellbackbob

    Pack Monadnock & Mt. Monadnock New Hampshire

    I agree great post. I haven't hiked in NH. This looks like a good place to start. thanks
  7. shellbackbob

    what is your go-to tire?

    Just got a set of Yokohama geolander A/T g015 I don't got off road much. Its a DD but we have a lot of class 4 dirt roads up here.
  8. shellbackbob

    Moab Weekend

    WOW What a beautiful place. I wish I could get there. Maybe one day. Looks like a great trip. How did the tent work out?
  9. shellbackbob

    East Region Fall Roundup (2nd Annual) - 10/05/2018

    Just found this and making plans to attend.
  10. shellbackbob

    Homemade skottle

    looking forward to that
  11. shellbackbob

    Homemade skottle

    Dag I was at the JD dealer yesterday.
  12. shellbackbob

    Homemade skottle

    Waiting for the snow to melt so I can find a disk at my friends farm.
  13. shellbackbob


    Hello All, Any tips for purchasing an under quilt? I have a Hennessy expedition asysm classic. I haven't done much winter camping but was thinking of starting.
  14. shellbackbob

    Should I undercoat for salted roads in the north?

    I remove the wheels and put trash bags over the rotors. have been using it for a few years works great.
  15. shellbackbob

    Toyota Tacoma Registry

    hello everyone '13 mostly stock
  16. shellbackbob

    2015 Toyota Tacoma Build

    interesting all I have heard about is the Sea Blue. I don't want to have to wire brush it often. as I live in Vt. so I have snow salt issues. thanks for the heads up
  17. shellbackbob

    2015 Toyota Tacoma Build

    I have an access cab 2013 that I got about a year ago. It's mostly stock. some great ideas here. interested in the wiring upgrade
  18. shellbackbob

    2015 Toyota Tacoma Build

    super sweet truck with all the mods. gives me some great ideas