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  1. RoadTrip1

    European Road Trip 2019

    If you click on the “pdf” file below it’ll show the route the US Army 9th Infantry Division, which my father was in, took during WWII. My son and I followed the European part of this route thru Belgium, France and Germany over Memorial Day/D Day week. We started at Utah Beach and continued...
  2. RoadTrip1

    European Road Trip

    Met up with my Son, (military, stationed in Germany) to follow the route my Dad, his Grandpa took with the Army 9th Inf. Div. during WWII. Started at Utah Beach continued to Normandy and the American Cemetery, Point de Hoc, and looped thru Germany. Stopped off in Nurnberg to complete the trip...
  3. RoadTrip1

    Introduction of a new guy.

    I’m From the central Fl. area driving a ‘07 Toyota FJ Cruiser. Started camping at an early age and it has carried over many years. Several years ago I started taking annual road trips and have been fortunate to have visited all 50 states and much of Canada. Looking forward to being part of this...