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  1. Winterpeg

    Secure your loads

    With all the overlanding talk and stuff we tend to take camping.....make sure you secure all your shovels, axes, etc on your rigs. We don't want this to happen to us or anyone else.
  2. Winterpeg

    Meet & Greet - 05/10/2018

    Pony Corral on Nairn View Rally Point Details
  3. Winterpeg

    Prairie Region Facebook page for Members

    The Prairie Region Facebook page has been started. This is a members only page. To join you have to supply your member number.
  4. Winterpeg

    Winnipeg Meet & Greet thread

    After today's great turnout let's start planning for the next one. I am available for the following days and am wondering if any of these will work as well for others.... April 3 (Tuesday) April 4 (Wednesday) April 12 (Thursday) EDIT:. the date is now set for April 12th @ 7:30pm
  5. Winterpeg

    Calgary - August 18

    [EDIT: Aug. 18.... I'll be around in the area for a few days though....] I'll be in Calgary on the above. Would anyone be interested in doing some offroad exploring and/or possibly an overnight stay out in the mountains? My first taste of 4x4'ing was in the Waiparous and Ghost River area and...
  6. Winterpeg

    What small thing do you do in prepping for a trip the next day?

    (not sure if this is the right sub section, move if needed) There are always a few little things that we do that maybe not everyone does. I'm not talking about the "big pack".... I'm talking about the little things that you think are good/essential to do for you. The day prior to leaving I...
  7. Winterpeg

    NW Ontario - Overlanding trip done

    What's Overlanding without something going wrong? Lol. A buddy and I went and did a little Overlanding… camping back into the deep bush with the quads. This area is just SE of Rushing River Ontario. Just drop me a line if you want more details on the location. It’s a 2.5 hr drive to where...
  8. Winterpeg

    Air-down trailer as well?

    When you are taking a trailer off-road do you guys air down your trailer tires as well? I've heard this can be detrimental as it will add to trailer sway back and forth. I've got heavier duty trailer tires on my trailer so they have a nice stiff sidewall to prevent the side to side movement...
  9. Winterpeg

    Mini overland overnight adventure

    So I took my 12 yr old on a semi spur-of-the-moment trip out to the bush. We took the small tent for the 2 of us… but with her hand in a cast, my back being sore, and the forecast for rain the following day I decided that we would just sleep in the FJ. The temperature was going to get below...
  10. Winterpeg

    Central Canada thread!

    I see that there's a Western Canada and an Eastern Canada thread, lol.... so why not a Central Canada thread.... since it takes 4 days to travel to the west or east from here. We could have this thread as our check-in area :sunglasses: So if you think you fall into this category or even travel...
  11. Winterpeg

    Winterpeg's build

    I was thinking I should actually do a build thread. I got my FJ in 2010. It’s a 2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser Trail Teams edition. It already had an ARB bumper with IPF lights on the bumper, ARB roof rack, OME suspension, and ARB sliders. Sight unseen I was 98% sure I would buy it. Prior to even...
  12. Winterpeg

    Winterpeg checking in....

    Hey guys and gals, Just signed up after viewing the Overland Bound youtube video I liked what the message was and the overall theme of this website. I'm an active member of the fjcruiserforums and have done a bit of 4x4'ing and Expedition "Overlanding". I'm always talking to people about...