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  1. mjherron

    Colorado 2019

    My wife and I celebrated our 28th anniversary by traveling to Colorado. We visited the Great Sand Dunes, Gardens of the Gods, Pike National Forest, Pikes Peak, and all places in between. Loved Colorado. Thank you for having us!
  2. mjherron

    2017 F150 Overland Build

    The beginning of my 2017 F150 build. We went on a trip this past week to Colorado. Main places we went were the Great Sand Dunes, Garden of the Gods, and Pikes Peak with some driving through Pike National Forest. My truck is currently in land cruiser mode but will start moding the truck for...
  3. mjherron

    Basecamp to Sioux Falls, SD

    My wife and I are going on our first “overlanding” trip. Albeit not as robust as others, but ours nonetheless. “Outfit and Explore”, here we come!!