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  1. Anders0nic

    BAMF Fire Sale

    I am not sure if many of yous lot are familiar with the Pelfrybilt saga or what has transpired since they filed for Bankruptcy. But, Bay Area Metal Fab has acquired their inventory through auction and are now liquidating the inventory. This coming Saturday they are having a fire sale. Mostly...
  2. Anders0nic

    Got a few items for sale

    I figure that since we don’t have a regional for sale section, I’ll post a link to the for sale ad I have in that forum section here: Hoping more...
  3. Anders0nic

    Cancelled For Sale, Bay Area CA, ClearView Fridge slide w/ drop, $600 local pickup/delivery

    I have a brand new, unopened, in box, ClearView Fridge Easy Slide w/ Lowering for sale. I was planning on building a custom cabinet setup in my truck and utilizing this with my Dometic fridge(CFX50 will be for sale soon as well if local sale falls through).i paid $650 plus $90 for shipping. My...
  4. Anders0nic

    FOR SALE For sale - NorCal - Shell/Rack/RTT - $3000obo

    I am surprised I haven’t gotten any traction on this sale. I am posting here because there is no regional for sale sub forum. A complete Overland setup for a good price. Feel free to ask any questions via pm. Sent from my iPhone using OB...
  5. Anders0nic

    FOR SALE For sale - NorCal - TRD Baja coil springs(BNIB) -Toytec 1” CoilSpacers - $415 & $120

    I was planning on upgrading my Pro front coilsprings to the heavier rated Baja front coilspring. I was also planning on using the Toytec coil spacer as well. Things have changed and I no longer need them. $415 for the coil springs plus shipping. Boxes are unopened. $120 plus shipping for...
  6. Anders0nic

    NorCal Fire Assistance

    It doesn’t appear that we have a thread here with info to help out the affected families devastated by the NorCal Wildfires. I’m not one to be able to wrangle all the info, nor am I capable of handling donations. However, over on TacomaWorld, we have a thread and a go to person set up just for...
  7. Anders0nic

    FOR SALE ARQ 270 Awning for sale, CA Bay Area $225 -Not willing to ship-Price Reduced

    Picked up an ARQ awning from @tacomgee a few months back. I think he bought it second hand from the original purchaser. I opened it up and looked at it to see how it mounts and its construction. I figured this awning was a little bigger than I thought it was. It is a wrap around 270*( I think...
  8. Anders0nic

    Should we have a regional For Sale section?

    Something that has been buzzing around in my head for a bit. Of the many forums that I am a member of, this one and another are the only ones that don't seem to have a running sub forum for local/regional for sale threads. I would think that having a regional stickies thread or subform would...
  9. Anders0nic

    FOR SALE NorCal Bay Area P265/70 R16 BFG AT TA's For Sale

    Not on Craigslist, yet... Im offering these up to the local yocal OB guys and gals. These tires were equipped from the factory on my truck. I put 46k on them. I just replaced them with something a little different. A friend said I could probably get some monies for these as they have...
  10. Anders0nic

    For Sale: 1975 FJ40 Basketcase Project $2,700.00 obo NorCal Bay Area Mine, negotiable. Need to get it out of the driveway. Youngling on the way and no time for all the projects cluttering up my garage/driveway... I posted in here, as I figured it was in a traffic appropriate section.
  11. Anders0nic

    Podcasts, whatchya listening to?

    I just want to share a podcast that I've been listening to for awhile now. I grew up in the Bay Area of California and have lived a life immersed in geek culture. I would call myself a timid outlier in the world of geek in so much as that I love the culture, just never overtly expressed my...
  12. Anders0nic

    New Years Resolutions for Overlanding

    Well, it's "that" time of year again. Yup, the end of year list time. For my New Years resolution regarding overloading; I plan on upgrading a few key components of the Tacoma. 1. Prinsu rack for the camper shell 2. RTT (most likely a Tepui product) 3. finally install all the silly LED...