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  1. David C Gibbs

    Has overlanding become elitist ?

    Nope, I was called lots of names for owning an 88-62 Series LandCruiser, I was a Uppie, a DINK, and now a grumpie... Since the daily driver, 312,000 original owner miles on it. The Mrs. & I just returned from a 2 State, 2 Province trip - into B.C., Alberta, back into Montana and home in...
  2. David C Gibbs

    Animal Encounters

    Bugling, Bull Elk, I about came out of my skin. He was about 25' away. Managed to get a couple photos before he wandered up the meadow.
  3. David C Gibbs

    Grand Tetons Trip - Chicago to Wyoming & Back

    Fall is a wonderful time to be in Yellowstone and the Tetons, Aspens turn bright Orange, the Bison are moving, as are the Pronghorns. Less people too.
  4. David C Gibbs

    SW Idaho - Where to go?

    Both the North and Middle Forks of the Boise River, above the Dams are flyfish-able, lots of trails. The Danskins are open, as are the Trinity Mtns. Lots to see within 100 of Boise. South Fork of the Payette is great White Water if you're into raft trips. Enjoy your time here.
  5. David C Gibbs

    Old Vehicles.

    1988 62 Series LandCruiser, 312,000 Original Owner miles...
  6. David C Gibbs

    Ford Transit tire upgrade

    We went a different direction, and temporarily are pull a trailer with the Tacoma.
  7. David C Gibbs

    Has overlanding become elitist ?

    Only "Elite" Tennis players get invited to Wimbledon. Only "Elite" Golf players get an opportunity to play at the Masters. Only "Elite" Wine experts get the names posted at Clos Vouguet, as a Master Sommelier. Only people with IQ's of 160 get offered to be members of MENSA. Only Boy Scouts with...
  8. David C Gibbs

    Owyhee canyonlands byway, Idaho

    The ByWay is passable, there are a dozen trails that go nowhere, like DickShooter. It's easier to do starting in Grand View and finishing in Jordon Valley. Have a Compass, and Topo Maps. The road into Wichahoney, and Jacks Creek are worth the views. It's easy to get turned around and off...
  9. David C Gibbs

    Has overlanding become elitist ?

    I don't want to put words into Michael's Overland Bound group, but the reason he built this site was to prevent snobbery, improve communications, leave the lands better than we found it, etc. With that said. The term "Overlanding" is pretentious, similar to the word Orvis. The Mrs and I...
  10. David C Gibbs

    All racked up where to go?

    Hey Jeff, we are an-Ex-Bay-area peoples. The Mrs., & I have explored 1000's of miles in CA., - YOU, have to plan, even in dispersed areas! Within 2 Hours North, you can be in the Sonoma Mtn's near the coast, almost never visited - because, it's not on the highway. 2 Hours East put's you in...
  11. David C Gibbs

    Wanted ISO triple locked FZJ80

    Buy the low-mileage one, that you know about, and can drive. Purchase the ARB Air-Lockers, better money spent. The Toyota Factory lockers are good, but Triple (w/Diff Locks) are rare, and if the Transfer case won't un-lock, It's a tow bill. . . [200+ Miles in my sisters case] Air-Lockers...
  12. David C Gibbs

    alloy vs steel

    WRONG, slam your vehicle into a curb, on ice, ZERO control, will - Kill any wheel! I had to replace the Tire and Wheel... Good thing, I had a full size spare, and all the Equipment to changed it, in a white-out. Man did I have traffic backed up. ; (
  13. David C Gibbs

    alloy vs steel

    Once you ding an Alloy wheel, you have to replace it! Out on a trail run, you bend the steel wheel, you can HAMMER it back into shape, re-bead the tire, and get home. If you have the space, Cool Wheels for the street and Highways (Reduced Noise, Wear & Tear), and mount the Aggressive...
  14. David C Gibbs

    Theory vs reality

    Welcome - from wet, cold, Whistler. The B.C. Overland Rally has a descent turn-out, despite the weather. Some very cool vehicles here. ARB was showing their new lift. WARN was showing their new winch bumper and Larger Fairlead. An-other Box Manufacturer. I'll upload photos once we get home...
  15. David C Gibbs

    Looking for some easy to get to dispersed camping sites in South Western Idaho

    Brian, my point is - there's lots of places in the Southwestern section of Idaho. Sit at the dining room table with the Mrs. Determine safe "travel Distance," "travel Time" ie [less than 3 hours], etc. Water, running (streams) flat (lakes), Mtn's, Sage Brush; Animals - No Spiders, or snakes...
  16. David C Gibbs

    Looking for some easy to get to dispersed camping sites in South Western Idaho

    Lots of stuff open in the Boise National Forest, Payette National Forest, Sawtooths, and Owyhee's - Get a map and go! Trinity Lakes are still probably Snow-bound.
  17. David C Gibbs

    Theory vs reality

    This Thread is so funny, I laughed so hard, I sorted iced tea out my nose... We stopped at a shop, looking for a new pair of walking shoes for the Mrs., The shoe sales guy goes "What year this the Tacoma?" My answer was "It's a mid 2018, Double-Cab, TRD-Offroad." SSG "How do you like it?"...
  18. David C Gibbs

    Overland Expo vs Overland Rally

    Tim, We attended the Northwest Overland Rally, in Plain, WA - last year. Had a blast. Ray Hyland and Mario Donavan assist in the sales, marketing and organization of the Rallies. We are flying into Vancouver and will rent a SUV to drive up to Whistler. We aren't roughing it. This will be...
  19. David C Gibbs

    Idaho Overlander checking in.

    Welcome to Idaho, Lots of open land on that side of the State. Boise here. DG
  20. David C Gibbs

    Visiting Canada

    Unless they have changed the rules of Vehicle Inspection, before entry - Lock them in the Glove-box, don't declare and don't display. We have driven into Canada numerous times, and have never been asked about firearms. Upon your return to the States they'll ask to see your passport. We are...