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  1. Graeman

    US Southwest Arizona Meetup plus Overnight Adventure - 02/02/2019

    This is a great area to host an overnight trip and to have some training on various Overland subjects. Meeting in a mall parking lot for the day is so not Overlanding, unless of course you have a mall crawler only type of vehicle. The area features tall pines, cooler weather, an off road trail...
  2. Graeman

    2013 Jeep JK Call of Duty Front Bumper

    I have the AEV Jeep Call of Duty front bumper for sale here in Phoenix, AZ for a low price of $325. Compare that to a new price of just over $1200.
  3. Graeman

    The New Phonebooks are in I am Somebody

    Yes, that is from a very old movie with Steve Martin. Anyway today the FCC updated the license requests and I am officially Ham Operator technician class KJ7CRJ. Woo Hoo....
  4. Graeman

    Lake O'Neill on Camp Pendleton

    Has anyone ever camped out there? My wife wants to go camping on Memorial Weekend and that is where she chose. I wanted Delamar, NV for some metal detecting in the ghost town. $20 a night to tent camp vs free desert camping, Wife happy vs wife not happy, mosquitos vs no mosquitos.. All input is...
  5. Graeman

    Just offered a job in Denver, Colorado

    I was just offered a job in Denver, Co. My only problem is the fact that my wife will not be able to join me for another year. Sure the job is much better than what I currently have and it is what I have been applying for for the past 15 months. yes, it took that long to finally be offered the...