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  1. killallninjas

    Recovery points for 4th Gen 4runner?

    Yeah. If you are pulling at a high enough angle, I suppose it could cause damage. Still a better option than the factory tie downs.
  2. killallninjas

    Recovery points for 4th Gen 4runner?

    Super easy to install. I did it in my driveway with basic wrench and socket (I don't remember the sizes). I don't have an extensive tool set. Super, super easy. The toughest part for me was dealing with my slightly bent factory skid when I removed it.
  3. killallninjas

    Recovery points for 4th Gen 4runner?
  4. killallninjas

    Recovery points for 4th Gen 4runner?

    I just mounted these up today. They are from Apex Overland.
  5. killallninjas

    Mementos to commemorate your trips?

    Those look great. We've been collecting stickers. Some OCD part of me wishes they weren't all different shapes, sizes, and designs. That's what I like about your design. We've been putting them on the gear boxes. I figure that way, I won't lose them when it's time to move on to the next rig.
  6. killallninjas

    Trans America Trail Trip 2018

    The sun was setting and it started raining when I hit Hurricane Creek road, and I was alone. I went a few minutes in. There were already mud holes and the terrain was definitely rougher than the rest of the route. I had never run that road before, so I wasn't familiar with it. I opted to turn...
  7. killallninjas

    Trans America Trail Trip 2018

    I did the NC and part of TN a couple of weekends ago. Excited for you! Have a great time and be safe!
  8. killallninjas

    Member Rides

    Thanks. Iron Man foam cell pros. 275/70/17. I have no complaints with this set up.
  9. killallninjas

    Portable 12v inflator recommendations?

    I'm happy with my Viair 88P. I think it's about as low as I would personally go in the performance department. Just FYI, I did the Outer Banks last year, and it was fantastic. The ferry dock I used had a free air station that was much faster than my pump. It's always good to have a compressor...
  10. killallninjas

    Atlanta to Moab

    Ha!! Yeah, The exchange went something like this: Me: I'm gonna check out that trail. April: WHY?! Me: Just to see. You wanna come? April: nope. It was a great time. Such a beautiful place.
  11. killallninjas

    Atlanta to Moab

    Back in Atlanta. Had a great time in Moab. Here are a few pics of many: View of the Campsite at Big Bend off 128 Tent at campsite Fallen Rock on Long Canyon Tusher Tunnel Uranium Arch on Sevenmile Rim Trail Monitor and Merrimac on Sevenmile Rim Trail Determination Towers on...
  12. killallninjas

    Atlanta to Moab

    Morning pic Sent from my iPhone using OB Talk
  13. killallninjas

    Atlanta to Moab

    On our way to Moab for a few days. Stopped at Red Rock Canyon State Park in Oklahoma for the first night. Prepped some Thanksgiving grub before the trip and heated it at camp. Good stuff! Sent from my iPhone using OB Talk
  14. killallninjas

    IPad Mounts

    I have a Panavise, as well, that I use to mount a Ram Mount Tab Tite cradle. I'm really happy with the set up.
  15. killallninjas

    Weekend in the Talladega National Forest

    This is on the Skyway Motorway on the county rd 600-1 (6000-1 on Google Maps for some reason) section. County Rd 600-1 starts here: 33.1954950, -86.0629780 Check this out. Part 1. Section 2 ('Heath's cross at Heaths cliffs') is where I camped...
  16. killallninjas

    Weekend in the Talladega National Forest

    Our weekend plans for camping with a group in N. Georgia were sacked when some nasty weather scared off most. We decided to head toward the storm to change the timing of the weather a bit. We hunkered down to get through a pretty nasty storm which brought the nice cold weather with it, and we...
  17. killallninjas

    Nantahala National Forest/ Great Smoky Mountains State Park?

    I basically played around a bit on FS 81 as @Ncmtnlight suggested above. Nice easy trails to explore in that area.
  18. killallninjas


    Excellent write up! Heading there in November. Super excited. Thanks for sharing!
  19. killallninjas

    Some videos from Colorado. Black Bear and Imogene passes. Clear Lake.

    Incredible area! I highly recommend visiting and exploring it. I will certainly be going back.