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    Flag Pole Knob 4th July GWNF

    Finally found service! So far we have hit Dunkle Hollow to Flagpole and then down the mtn on Union Springs. will post pics later. The gate just before Flagpolr, where Dunkle and Union Springs meet is still closed for the above mentioned maintenance....
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    US East Reoccurring - Shenandoah Valley VA Rigs & Coffee - 02/02/2019

    Init6Overland said there are spots along some of the trails, I know there are other campgrounds in the area. You could always look at those for availability.
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    US East Reoccurring - Shenandoah Valley VA Rigs & Coffee - 02/02/2019

    Thanks for the site, the videos of the trails were great! I tried calling the North District but they have been having phone problems. The closure of Flagpole Knob is no longer listed on the FS USDA website as a closure alert. I will attempt to call again this week but going with the...
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    US East Reoccurring - Shenandoah Valley VA Rigs & Coffee - 02/02/2019

    I do not mind running with other people on the trails, this will be our (my family and another) first time in GWNF. We are camping in Sherando Campground but they are full last I looked. We are going to trail ride some days, hike others. Basically all day trips, get up for breakfast, hit the...
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    US East Reoccurring - Shenandoah Valley VA Rigs & Coffee - 02/02/2019

    I meant bald mountain instead of cold mountain. I saw the flagpole closure, supposedly through yesterday. I am going to try and call the forest office to confirm. Ill look for the youtube!
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    US East Reoccurring - Shenandoah Valley VA Rigs & Coffee - 02/02/2019

    Sounds good. I will be camping all week that week, so I will be running Big Levels/Cold Mountain Springs, Peters Mill Run, and Flagpole Knob if everything works out all week. We check out of the campsite the I will be around either way. If nobody can make it I will just head...
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    US East Reoccurring - Shenandoah Valley VA Rigs & Coffee - 02/02/2019

    I will be in GWNF the week of 4th of July and am tentatively planning on attending the coffee on 6 July if anyone is around.
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    Big levels Jun 15/16

    Ill be out there over 4th of July....I will give an update after running it.
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    Bald Mountain Trail VA GPX File

    Doing some route planning and building prior to going in July. Wanted to see if this is the correct Cold Spring Bald Mountain Trail in VA by anyone that has done it. This is also my first time playing with Gaia route building. Feedback and corrections are welcome. Read some stories about...
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    Flag Pole Knob 4th July GWNF

    Going camping in Sherando, GWNF the week of 4th July, going to hit at least Bald Mountain Trail and Flag Pole Knob while there as day trips. Family friends are coming from Ohio as well. Vics are Hummer H3 and slightly modified Explorer. WIll be a mix of kids and adults. This will be the...
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    Where did you install your OB emblem?

    On my Yeti, We put stickers of our travels on it...found it fitting to put the emblem as well.
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    Overland Expo East 2019.. In Virginia!

    Never been to an Expo, so forgive the newbie question: If I was bringing my rig and my wife for the "Overland Experience" package...its $375 for the rig and I, and an additional $320 for the wife?
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    My Quest for Tablet Navigation

    THis may help as I was in the same boat. Couple youtube videos and its all good. I have a Amazon Fire HD 8 I believe (I will check when I get home). I have not purchased a Dual GPS unit yet. But there is a away to convert the Amazon Fire to allow for the Android Based Google Play store. You...
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    Hello From Newport News

    Joined about a week or two ago. Just moved to the area in DEC. My rig is 09 Hummer H3. I have camped and off roaded before, but this will be the first time combining the two.
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    Member Introductions *New Members Start Here*

    Hi ya'll! Chris here. Been camping and offroading for several years but first time combining both. Have a 09 Hummer H3 Championship edition and outfitting with better tires, suspension, and underbody protection in the next few weeks. Hitting Peters Mill Run and Bald Mountain Trail the week...