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  1. Rusty burbin

    RTT's... pros and cons?

    I'm just curious about people's experience with rtt's I'm considering getting one but I'm not sure. For those of you who have one and use it regularly can you share your thoughts on it? I'm in an old suburban and have room to sleep inside my rig but to do it I have to unload almost all of my...
  2. Rusty burbin

    A little help

    Got my membership pack today a d I'm excited to be more official! OB#4084 :cool: I still can't get into the member map or calendar. Can someone here please advice? Thanks in advance. Rustyburbin from SoCal 5 kids, wife, dog and a 1970 K20 Suburban
  3. Rusty burbin

    Just got my Emblems! HELP!

    So I just got my Emblems and thought that with my upgraded supporter membership that I'd have access to the Member Map and other cool stuff. Do I need to login differently or connect my badge number to my account? Thanks in advance. OB# 4084 Rustyburbin from SoCal 5 kids, wife, dog and a...
  4. Rusty burbin

    Any events in SoCal on the agenda?

    Hey all, I'm new here and I'd love to meet some members face to face. Are there any meet ups in or near Riverside Ca? Before I joined I remember reading something about bass pro shop in Rancho... ring a bell? Rustyburbin from SoCal 5 kids, wife, dog and a 1970 K20 Suburban
  5. Rusty burbin

    70 K20 Suburban

    I've been working on my rig for about 6 years now and it has come a long way. It started out as a rusty bondo covered Craigslist truck that I overpaid for. The manual hubs were hollow and the motor had a spun bearing... I started off with a crate motor (also found on Craigslist) it's a zz4...
  6. Rusty burbin

    New from SoCal

    Hello everyone, I'm Jonah from Riverside Ca. (About 55 miles east of Las Angeles.) Father of 4 boys and a little girl, husband to a lady who still makes me silly. My rig is a 1970 K20 Suburban with some fun goodies like a York 210, Bosch weldanator, frame mounted heat exchanger, (203/205...