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  1. avgjoe624


    I had a blast out there this weekend, maybe a little too much. my tires are all wrecked and got a few battle scars and still have to drive 1000 miles home next week. I dont think it can handle 2 weekends in a row. haha
  2. avgjoe624

    Mason Jars

    Ive been using mason jars for literally everything for YEARS, theyre my cups at my house, my to-go coffee cups, use them for cooking, camping, storage, projects. literally everything. i think i have every color ever made,,, hell i even have a tattoo of one. lol They are amazing little works of...
  3. avgjoe624


    Ill be heading to SMORR this weekend if anyone is up for it. Not necessarily overlanding, and im super unprepared for it as it wasnt planned, but im sure it will be a decent weekend.
  4. avgjoe624

    To Chainsaw or not to Chainsaw, that is the question

    not much, long pants, boots, and some gloves is usually about it.
  5. avgjoe624

    I love this life

    I love this life
  6. avgjoe624


    cant argue with that. if theres anything i can do or bring for you, id be more than happy to do what i can.
  7. avgjoe624


    sounds good, where about is it? Ill be there july23 - sep17, so we can work on your time, whenever is good for you
  8. avgjoe624


    sweet, let me know .
  9. avgjoe624

    NC/SC May Meet-Up Uwharrie OHV

    literally getting back to the states the week after, so no go on this meet. ill definitely be at the next one though. hope you guys have a blast.
  10. avgjoe624

    Keeping firewood dry?

    I usually just "taco" my wood into a tarp if i take any, the little blue tarps that you get for free at harbor freight with a coupon. Either that or i just find old downed trees and hopefully get lucky enough to find some pine heart (fat lighter)
  11. avgjoe624

    Back to America next week!!

    Back to America next week!!
  12. avgjoe624

    That's Not a Knife...This is a Knife.

    Depending on if im at work or not, these are my two go to knives. My grandpas old timer passer down, sharp as can be. and a Hogue automatic Tanto, cant really say anything about it so far. its a decent knife, overpriced but i got 4 of them for free, so why not try it out, but i like the old...
  13. avgjoe624

    This is the beginning!!!

    good choice for a first car. congrats and welcome to the community. im sure youll have her fixed up in no time, one of the best thing about the old jeeps is theyre cheap and easy to work on.
  14. avgjoe624

    Canyon 35 Qt. Cooler. USA. Made! $189.

    so far its looking like it. lol. but you never know
  15. avgjoe624

    Canyon 35 Qt. Cooler. USA. Made! $189.

    good looking cooler, if and when my pelican 35 ever gives out i may look into one.
  16. avgjoe624

    Raptor vs Gladiator

    the way i see it is whether you want to go with the power of the raptor or the versatility of the gladiator. raptors are a very powerful truck and have been out for some time now. able to be tested and proven. or unproven depending on how you look at it. the gladiator is making its debut, we...
  17. avgjoe624

    What kinda material for campfire and stove?

    In my honest opinion. cast iron is the only way to go.
  18. avgjoe624

    New to the forum from NW GA

    I didnt know about any of those and i lived on the GA/SC almost my entire life. Going to have to add a few of those into my trip to GA this summer. Thanks for the info!
  19. avgjoe624


    i will be in Fort Leonard Wrood, MO this July to September if anyone in the area wants to get together, show me around and hit some trails. Just let me know
  20. avgjoe624

    Calling All Jeeps!