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  1. Ironhide Fx4

    1997 F150 "Dad's Truck"

    Could also upgrade to Devor springs. A little high and smoother ride. I hope to upgrade to those eventually.
  2. Ironhide Fx4

    When Your Daily Driver is Your Overland Rig

    I agree %100. Here is my rig on our trip... Then the week after we got back....
  3. Ironhide Fx4

    The Official Unofficial New Jersey Thread

    I'm up in VT now. Some great places up here. I have barely scratched the surface.
  4. Ironhide Fx4

    Ironhidefx4 build, 2012 F150

    Not too much more on the build lately. We got back from our three week trip to MT and moved to VT. Just starting to settle in. Before the trip I got the fire extinguisher mount on the rack. It works great. Thankfully didn't need it.
  5. Ironhide Fx4

    Mount Washington (New Hampshire) Summer 2018

    I am interested. Haven't even begun to plan next summer but this would be fun.
  6. Ironhide Fx4

    North-East OB presence?

    I'm now next door in North West Vermont. I would love to plan a Mt Washington trip sometime soon.
  7. Ironhide Fx4

    Ironhidefx4 build, 2012 F150

    Yep! I'm in that area a lot. It's definitely different bringing the baby along, in a good way. She was only one week old when we drove her to upstate NY for Thanksgiving. When she was just about 2 months old we took her to VT for the first time. I think it's not so difficult because we just did...
  8. Ironhide Fx4

    Ironhidefx4 build, 2012 F150

    I was having trouble getting the gear stored properly in the bed. I kept loading the bed as I used to but a lot of the gear has slimmed down while the one recovery/camp box got much heavier. Here is what we came up with for now. Just a test fit.... Does the trasharoo make it an official...
  9. Ironhide Fx4

    Chainsaw Scabbard

    Link to Amazon? I'm really like this. I want to mount one to my bed rack. Not sure which size to go with.
  10. Ironhide Fx4

    Camp stoves

    Just got our camp chef ranger II today. Testing it out tomorrow night camping out before a trail run. Lit it tonight to make sure it ran. It had a good range from low to high. I am hopeful it works out. Would love a partner steel stove. That will be the future upgrade.
  11. Ironhide Fx4

    Ironhidefx4 build, 2012 F150

    Got some of the gear mounted up. Still more to do.
  12. Ironhide Fx4

    2011 ford raptor build

    I wish I had a rack like that for the tent. I really like the extra storage over the roof.
  13. Ironhide Fx4

    Chainsaw Scabbard

    I like it. Now I need to buy a chainsaw....
  14. Ironhide Fx4

    Looking for Overlanders in North East, US

    My neck of the woods. Welcome! We are up near Alamuchy. Rt 80
  15. Ironhide Fx4

    Toyota Tundra and Tepui RTT - Need advice on racks

    Edit: misread the tent size. Thought you wanted the large 2 ladder type. I think a set of Thule or Yakima should do the trick. Best to double check with the tent manufacturer to be sure.
  16. Ironhide Fx4

    2011 ford raptor build

    Very nice! Any plans for sliders?
  17. Ironhide Fx4

    Ironhidefx4 build, 2012 F150

    Well thanks! That's a heck of a compliment. There are a few f150s running around now. Looks like you have a Raptor? I'm jealous of that! Going to start mounting up some of the gear on the rack and test fit some things. Still waiting for a maxtrac mount from RCI, probably shouldn't hold my breath.
  18. Ironhide Fx4

    Ironhidefx4 build, 2012 F150

    Also was the baby's first camping trip.
  19. Ironhide Fx4

    Ironhidefx4 build, 2012 F150

    Last Thursday was a big day. Decided at the last minute to spend the weekend camping in Vermont. So we had to get the roof top tent on.
  20. Ironhide Fx4

    Central New Jersey Monthly Meet Kickoff

    Your up buddy ;) I'll be able to attend some meetups down here. Just need someone to host them.