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  1. Inthewoods

    Adventures INTHEWOODS

    I'm waiting for the big storm of 2019. I'm at fish camp general store because all the campsite were closed. Then the snow came and I slept good.
  2. Inthewoods

    Guardian tool to add

    I got two of these at the 99 cent store. One for my office yard and one for my truck. Every time I camp I pull it out and do a walk around before leaving. For two bucks it does good job helping me keep campsite clean. I thought if anyone was looking for an additional tool to add this one is...
  3. Inthewoods

    Yosemite, a parking lot.

    Yosemite was sad. 25 years ago it was nice. Now. It's hell on weekends. I was driving back from Northern CA and took a detour going south on Saturday 5-4-19. Took the 140 east into Yosemite and spend 45 minutes in stop and go traffic in the valley floor. All these people walking with backpacks...
  4. Inthewoods

    Too much or not too much comm is the question.

    Ham, cell, tablet, XM radio, dash cam, camera, CB pushing out and I still feel like I'm missing something. Am I going over board? Do I need help? Lol
  5. Inthewoods

    Mr Buddy Heater Yes/No

    I got this Mr Buddy Heater to try it out. My sleeping bag is good to 15 degrees but when I poke my head out of the bag I can see my breath. My thoughts were if it was warm in the camper I can sit down and watch TV and not in the bag keeping warm. So I Got one. It works great. I have just a...
  6. Inthewoods

    Outside temp gauge

    I got this La Crosse temp gauge and it worked great. I got it at Sportmans warehouse for $8.99 and I strapped it to my outside mirror to see the temp. What's great about this little thing it will record the min temp (coldest) and max temp (hottest). When you get up in the morning you can see...
  7. Inthewoods

    Who's doing a Mojave Rd trip?

    Any one leading a Mojave Road trip? looking to join in. I never been there but took Oct 2-8 off and might try it.
  8. Inthewoods

    Rig steps to get in

    I broke my chrome bullet step on my wife's side off on a rock and now using a ladder for her to get in. I am only running 35's but she is short and this ladder in and out getting old. Any ideas that are easy adjustable to get out of the way when wheeling and back in place fast. I am not fond of...
  9. Inthewoods

    Solar panels on rigs

    What are you charging? I think I need one but not sure why yet. I run an inventor to power my things.
  10. Inthewoods

    Window sticker

    do you post stickers on your rig to support the products you use or just for therapy reasons