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  1. MAP Overland Adventures

    2000 Land Cruiser

    Finally got a overland vehicle that I can build up. Will be a slow build (cost is a big factor) but excited for what future memories it will make.
  2. MAP Overland Adventures

    Looking for information on a Land Cruiser

    Can someone explain what is a land cruiser “hj85” is please. Also, I see land cruisers that say 3 lockers, does that mean only 3 wheels lock? Thanks
  3. MAP Overland Adventures

    Northern New Mexico trip **pic heavy**

    This is our trip to Red River, NM and surrounding areas.
  4. MAP Overland Adventures

    Project build photos

    87 Blazer K5. Have a long way to go but thankfully I have my Tundra. Plan to give it to my son in 10 years.
  5. MAP Overland Adventures

    Central Texas Route **photo heavy**

    I found this route online and decided to make a day of it. I live in New Braunfels, TX, so my route started from the south. It ends in Mason Texas (with a nice water crossing at the end). From there we made our way to the German town of Fredericksburg. Very scenic drive.