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  1. ScorpioVI

    Eastern Sierras Camp/SUP/Explore

    A little camp/SUP/explore this past weekend in the Eastern Sierras. thi
  2. ScorpioVI

    Quick & Easy Packaged Eats/Drinks

    What are some of the packaged eats/drinks you enjoy on the road that maybe some of us don't know about? I do intermittent fasting so my food needs are quite low, I eat maybe once or twice a day when I'm on the road. To that end I never drank the Skottle/Dometic kool-aid. I barely cook at home...
  3. ScorpioVI

    San Jose, CA: Meet & Greet, November 10, 2018, Noon, at Santa Clara Valley Brewing - 11/10/2018

    Who: All overlanders, enthusiasts, and future overlanders. What: Meet fellow overlanders, check out cool rigs, get hands-on experience on equipment, plan future trips. Where: Santa Clara Valley Brewing, 101 E Alma Ave, San Jose, CA 95112 When: The brewery's tap room opens at noon but I...
  4. ScorpioVI

    Tepui Tents End of Summer Warehouse Sale, Soquel, CA. 08/25

    I am not affiliated with Tepui, just passing this on.
  5. ScorpioVI

    Tepui Tents End of Summer Warehouse Sale, Soquel, CA. 08/25

    I am not affiliated with Tepui, just passing this on.
  6. ScorpioVI

    Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, what to see?

    Hey all, I've got two weeks to roam around Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, and Nevada in October. The first week is gonna be spent with family in or around Jackson Hole, WY and we're probably gonna be doing touristy things around Grand Teton and Yellowstone NPs. The week after that I have all to myself...
  7. ScorpioVI

    South Bay Area Meets, Next Up: @ The Drive-In, 06/18/2018

    And now for something a little different. We have one of the few remaining drive-in theaters right here in San Jose. What say we throw them some business and gather for a night under the stars watching movies on the big screen outdoors. If you've never been, then experience something new. If you...
  8. ScorpioVI

    Pictures from Usal Beach this past weekend.

    Pictures from Usal Beach this past weekend.
  9. ScorpioVI

    SOLD Bay Area, CA - Rightline Gear Truck Tent - $80

    - SOLD! - Anybody interested in a Rightline Gear Truck Tent for a long bed Tacoma (may fit other trucks but do your own research). Used half a dozen times. Perfectly good condition other than some mud on the fender straps from the last outing. This is the floorless design, you can set...
  10. ScorpioVI

    Tire deflators.

    Got a set of Boulder Tools tire deflators. Followed their instructions to set the deflators to about 16PSI. Do these look right to you guys? Two of them I had to back way the heck out before I started hearing air, the other two not much at all. I haven't tested all 4 to see if they actually...
  11. ScorpioVI

    Good DSLR for night pics?

    Well after the last overnighter I've come to the conclusion that my Nikon Coolpix P520 just isn't cutting the cheese anymore. Looking at some of y'alls night pics have gotten me more than a little bit jealous, folks like: and...
  12. ScorpioVI

    New Idria & Clear Creek, San Benito County, California

    *WORK IN PROGRESS, STILL EDITING/UPLOADING VIDEOS TO YOUTUBE* I've been wanting to explore down this way for a while so I finally picked a weekend, grabbed a few friends and off we went. Here's a few pictures and some dash cam footage of our trip. According to Google Maps, it is 100-something...
  13. ScorpioVI

    GovX "Wilderness Sale" until 4/25 11:59PT

    Just a heads-up for you folks with GovX access. They're having a "Wilderness Sale" until 4/25 if you need to pick up miscellaneous camp gear (bags, pads, knives, etc.). Nothing really stuck out too much at me but YMMV. Mods: If this thread is inappropriate or violates the rules feel free to delete.
  14. ScorpioVI

    The South Bay Area Monthly Meets, Next Up: 04/21 @ San Jose Bass Pro - 04/21/2018

    Meet & Greet with your fellow overlanders at the San Jose Bass Pro on 04/21/2018. Come meet your neighbors, check out fellow member's rigs, meet new friends, plan upcoming trips. View Rally Point Details
  15. ScorpioVI

    The South Bay Area Monthly (?) Meets, Next Up: 04/21 San Jose Bass Pro

    See Post #2 for details on upcoming meet. Well I'm proud to report that we had 16 rigs show up to the last San Jose meet on 3/16 at The Plant. There may have been more but I stopped counting at 16. Anyways, I think there's clearly enough participants and interest to warrant our own thread. The...
  16. ScorpioVI

    Rig pics from the Oakland meets this past weekend.

    Snapped a bunch of pics of rigs from the meets at Oakland this past weekend. From the 4 Wheel Parts Grand reopening and the TrailTeam Premier overland meetup. 180113 - 4 Wheel Parts: (Part 1)
  17. ScorpioVI

    Easy Bay Area dirt roads?

    Hi guys, Looks like I'll be getting a Tacoma 4x4 Off-Road here in a few days. I'd like to put it through it's paces and get a feel for how it does off road. Any recommendations for some easy dirt roads? Not planning on any rock-crawling or fording rivers. Anybody been up La Gloria Rd recently...
  18. ScorpioVI

    FNG from SJC checking in.

    Hi all, Heard about y'all ages ago but never got around to signing up. Just bought the Ultimate Membership Pack the other day. What finally got me here was running into I Am Jake's youtube channel. Watching Jake kinda opened up the possibilities of what having a vehicle and a dog can do. Kinda...