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  1. Xjmatt

    Trans America trail

    Well it’s that time of year once again for my annual trans America trail. Every year I take a week or two and explore the trans America trail. This year will kick off in Trinidad Colorado. Plan is to take two weeks and enjoy some off road camping and exploring. Each year I have had anywhere from...
  2. Xjmatt

    US Southeast 2017 crux expedition trailer

    Looking to sell my crux trailer. Everything is in new condition and ready to go. Don’t have time to use it due to my job. Asking 12k
  3. Xjmatt

    New off-road trailer

    Well tonight I just picked up a new expedition trailer. It’s a crux expedition trailer. Here are a few pics of it. Will post up more information in the coming days after I get a chance to check it all out.
  4. Xjmatt

    Savannah, Georgia

    Does anyone know of anything the check out in Savannah Georgia. The wife and I are thinking of making a trip that direction in January. I’ll have a few free days and we thought it might be a spot to go since neither of us have ever been there.