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  1. Kevtd

    LED Vs Halogen For Driving Lights

    What are peoples thoughts on LED spots for off road lights? I am a big beliver in having a second light source on any rig since not only for making driving at night better but safety as well. (I have had to drive out on one single fog light once, luckily the Pajero had 7" "fogs") I have always...
  2. Kevtd

    My 2005 Volvo Adventure Wagon Build

    Bought this a little while ago with the intention of turning it into my adventure/ road trip/ dirt road camping wagon and I absolutely LOVE it so far. Not nearly as tough as my old Pajero but its a great daily and I really love driving it so I am for sure looking forward to this build. First...
  3. Kevtd

    Honeymoon Trip Planning Help

    Well my Fiancee and I are planning to make our honeymoon a 2 week or longer road trip around a bunch of western north America. Iv have been down the coast all before but never further inland in the states. We have a rough route planned out so far leaving Vancouver headed east to Banff and...
  4. Kevtd

    New Member from British Columbia CA

    Joined a little while ago but with my Pajero down I wanted to wait until I had my vehicle to do my intro and now that I have one again here it is! Iv got a 92 Pajero with transmission issues (dead to me now so shes on the way out) but my daily/ adventure vehicle now is a 2005 Volvo XC70. So far...