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  1. kingofthehill

    Uwharrie National Forest Camping

    I am interested in moving in a few years. I had Ashville, NC on my list and Tuscon. After hearing how crowded it is in the national forests in NC it makes me rethink that as a destination. YOu mention big bend ont being crowded, was it very remote and secluded out in the Tuscon area? Being able...
  2. kingofthehill

    Oklahoma overlanders where ya at?

    Im glad it looks like memorial day weather should be good for us int the north texas and oklahoma areas. I hope there isn't too much residual flooding in southern oklahoma from all the storms over last weekend. I was driving through nothern oklahoma on hwy 69 on Monday and many of the rivers I...
  3. kingofthehill


    I like Gaia gps. it is a good mapping app but it will cost you. I also like this: Forest Service Visitor Map it is a free site put out by the national forest service, unfortunately it is only good for forest service lands.
  4. kingofthehill

    Theory vs reality

    When people ask about what is needed for offroading and camping I always recommend the bare minimum. Then take it out in a simple area and try it out to see what works best for them and what they need to add. Texas is full of mall crawlers. They are usually lifted 2wd vehicles with mud tires...
  5. kingofthehill

    Oklahoma overlanders where ya at?

    I am so sick of the rain too. We have that black clay and when it gets wet it stays wet and sticky for a long time. Our dirt has only dried up 3 times since last September. I am also tired of people saying we need the rain. Good news is it looks like the rain will stop before memorial day...
  6. kingofthehill

    Oklahoma overlanders where ya at?

    What is everyone planning for memorial day weekend?
  7. kingofthehill

    Ouachita and Ozark National Forest

    Breifly to the Mena area, but that trip got cut short by a massive rain storm. I ran part of the K-Trail in the ouachitas and I have been to the part of the ouachitas around Broken Bow. Everytime I have been there I have seen a ton of trails to run that I didn't have time to do. When I was in...
  8. kingofthehill

    Ouachita and Ozark National Forest

    Great thread! Ive been to both forests. I think I like the Ouachitas better so far. Planning on going up to camp over memorial day weekend in the Ouachita national forest.
  9. kingofthehill

    Trails and Camping Suggestions Quachita National Forest AR

    I don't have any suggestions as I have not been there more than once. But I ussually use Google maps, gaia gps, and this website for planning offroad/camping trips on National forest lands.
  10. kingofthehill

    Marn's M416 Build

    Seeing your pictures really make me miss living in Nevada. Great thread!
  11. kingofthehill

    New Member In North Texas

    Im fairly new too. I am also from Collin county.
  12. kingofthehill

    Texas ohv program sticker

    In the past I have bought them at an OHV park and at a powersports dealer. I have never bought one online. I wish Texas would have more places to offroad. I don't plan on buying another I do all my offroading out of state now. Specifically Oklahoma and Arkansas like you mentioned.
  13. kingofthehill

    Windshield Pics...

    The K-Trail November 2018.
  14. kingofthehill

    Camping gear list...

    My thoughts exactly. When I started getting back into camping I just bought the bare minimum. Then after a couple trips I was able to get an idea on what I needed to add and remove from my camping gear. After searching online i was also able to get a cooler for my camping setup that was barely...
  15. kingofthehill

    Want to test the waters....

    I didn’t need a winch when i was there. I sure there are places that might require a winch. My 4runner has a short wheelbase and I almost high centered it. If you have a long wheelbase you may run into an issue like that. Just make sure to walk a trail if it looks difficult to make sure it is...
  16. kingofthehill


    I search ebay for decals. Once I find a seller with a decal I like I look at the other decals he sells to see if there is anything else I like. I have tons of diecut decals that I havent figured out where I want to put yet. There are tons of people selling nice die cut decals.
  17. kingofthehill

    Want to test the waters....

    There are a lot of mild trails in the National forests in southeastern Oklahoma that would be great for anyone with a 4x4 to do. And it is only about a 3 hour drive to get to the Broken Bow/Ouachita National forest area from DFW.
  18. kingofthehill

    Anyone headed to Overland Bound Southeast in Ozark Arkansas? June 7th-9th

    It would be cool, but that is moving day at my work and there is no way I will be allowed to take off.
  19. kingofthehill

    Arizona Overlanders

    How do you guys in Arizona deal with the heat when camping? I am considering moving in the next few years to a new place and Arizona is on my list but I'm not to sure about the heat.
  20. kingofthehill

    Camp Tents

    I have a cheap Coleman tent that I like (it is a spare) and we have a giant Cabelas Alaskan Guide tent (it is probally 15 years old) that we got from my grandpa. It is an amazing tent, perfect for longer camping trips. It is also very difficult to assemble, you need at least 2 people to do it.