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    Bald Mountain Trail VA GPX File

    Doing some route planning and building prior to going in July. Wanted to see if this is the correct Cold Spring Bald Mountain Trail in VA by anyone that has done it. This is also my first time playing with Gaia route building. Feedback and corrections are welcome. Read some stories about...
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    Flag Pole Knob 4th July GWNF

    Going camping in Sherando, GWNF the week of 4th July, going to hit at least Bald Mountain Trail and Flag Pole Knob while there as day trips. Family friends are coming from Ohio as well. Vics are Hummer H3 and slightly modified Explorer. WIll be a mix of kids and adults. This will be the...
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    Hello From Newport News

    Joined about a week or two ago. Just moved to the area in DEC. My rig is 09 Hummer H3. I have camped and off roaded before, but this will be the first time combining the two.