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  1. FlyingFischer5

    FOR SALE Smittybilt Roof Top Tent 2783 Eastern Washington $800

    Selling my Smittybilt RTT 2783. Only used a hand full of times and looks practically new still. I will also throw in the extend ladder piece I just paid $75 for. $800 Or Best Offer Located in Spokane, WA.
  2. FlyingFischer5

    New Member Spokane, WA

    Welcome! I'm in Spokane as well
  3. FlyingFischer5

    US Northwest For Sale - Cobra 29 LX MAX - New in Box

    Last bump, Brand New In Box! $150 shipped to Continental US! Thanks for looking.
  4. FlyingFischer5

    RV Stabilizers with RTT

    Just curious if anyone installed RV Jack/Stabilizes on to there rigs for added stability? I already have Camco FasTen 2x2 leveling blocks that I use under the tires to get close to level but was thinking of adding RV stabilizer jacks also to help solidify the vehicle and reduce any...
  5. FlyingFischer5

    Hello from Maple Valley, WA

    Welcome to the froums!
  6. FlyingFischer5

    How to protect CB Firestik antenna?

    Well thanks for the heads up! Looks like a short one is the way to go!
  7. FlyingFischer5

    How to protect CB Firestik antenna?

    Thanks for some tips. I'm debating on if I want to go with shorter, quick connect, and/or spring. Maybe I'll have to do a combo of those to get the setup I want. I jumped the gun on the 4ft without measuring what I really needed. Ha
  8. FlyingFischer5

    How to protect CB Firestik antenna?

    Yeah I may just have to go shorter.
  9. FlyingFischer5

    How to protect CB Firestik antenna?

    What is a good way to protect my Firestik antenna when I pull into my garage? My antenna is about 1ft taller than my garage opening and am getting tire of taking it off every time. Is taking it off every time something I have to live with or is there a way to protect it without compromising the...
  10. FlyingFischer5

    SOLD FOR SALE: RIGID D-Series *SAE* Fog Light Set $200

    Selling a set of unused RIGID D-Series *SAE* Fog lights. They will come in a different Rigid box as I got rid of the original. I decided to go with factory light housings instead and need some money. $225 LINK: D-SERIES SAE J583 FOG LIGHT PAIR
  11. FlyingFischer5

    Spokane, WA Area - Rotopax help

    Thanks for the reply Dale. I got rough measurements of the 2gal and the area I was looking at is too small. I think I might end up going with Jerry cans in a different area. They are also larger capacity and cheaper.
  12. FlyingFischer5

    Spokane, WA Area - Rotopax help

    Awesome! If he doesn't no worries. I got the measurements so I can do a rough mock up if I can't get my hands on any. Trying to see if my former boss can get some in stock at the store also, if not may run to 4wheelparts in Post Falls to see if they have any.
  13. FlyingFischer5

    Oddball overlanding rigs!

    Here is mine. 04 Chevy Trailblazer. Just like you asked, haha.
  14. FlyingFischer5

    80/20 roof rack. Any advice?

    You can take a look at my Rhino Rack if you'd like. Get an idea of the construction of them. I can also talk with my old boss and maybe see if he could make some deals for local OB members.
  15. FlyingFischer5

    Spokane, WA Area - Rotopax help

    Hello, I am looking to see if any of you have a rotopax I could checkout. Looking for the standard size from what I can tell is a 2 gallon but would also would like try a 3.5 gallon. I am wanting to just take a look at it and take measurements and also just walk around my vehicle and test...
  16. FlyingFischer5

    80/20 roof rack. Any advice?

    There is also one on Craigslist 60" x 54" asking for $545. I have a Rhino Rack and absolutely love it!
  17. FlyingFischer5

    Hello from Vancouver Island, Canada.

    Welcome from Washington!
  18. FlyingFischer5

    New Member - California

    Welcome, nice looking rigs!
  19. FlyingFischer5

    80/20 roof rack. Any advice?

    I've made a rack out of small round tubing, a bender and a welder for an older 1930's car but haven't tried aluminum. Are you looking for a basket or platform style?