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  1. Cdonkey

    Not sure that a 15 inch rim will fit on tjat. Newer vehicles have larger brake rotors and will...

    Not sure that a 15 inch rim will fit on tjat. Newer vehicles have larger brake rotors and will limit the wheel size you can run. Like on my Sequoia. The smallest i can run ( without modifying or grinding on things that should be ground on) is a 16". Which is really unfortunate because I have a...
  2. Cdonkey

    US Southeast Meet and Great Alabama

    Getting a meet and greet setup now. Shooting for the end of September.
  3. Cdonkey

    Crusader ZR2 Duramax Build

    Can't blame you for that. I had a 04 z71 Colorado I lifted back in the day. Wheel bearing went out and they told me they could void the warranty due to the mods and tires. Luckily they did it anyway. More than capable in stock form.
  4. Cdonkey

    Family rig

    Yeah same here. We have a suburban and I am trying to talk my wife into a new TRD sequoia.
  5. Cdonkey

    Family rig

    Yes I do have a winch and it is a 12k. Better safe than sorry.
  6. Cdonkey

    Not your typical Overland Vehicle (pics)

    07 sequoia limited
  7. Cdonkey

    Talledaga National Forest, Alabama

    Beautiful down there. Wanting to plan a trip this fall. Great pics!
  8. Cdonkey

    Family rig

    This is our family overland rig. Still a work in progress, but not the grocery getter I first bought.
  9. Cdonkey

    Alabama members

  10. Cdonkey

    Member Introductions *New Members Start Here*

    Hello everyone! I have been offroading since I could drive and overlanding before I knew it had a name. I was inspired by the camel trophy and Owned a 95 discovery for a short time. I am married and have 3 boys that love every minute we spend in the outdoors. We have an 03 z71 suburban for all...