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  1. RadioRick

    Member Rides

    Ford, Chevy, and Dodge owners have been fielding that argument for how long?
  2. RadioRick

    Member Rides

    IMNSHO the two best overlanding rigs vehicles in the USA! Tough choice will be picking which to take.
  3. RadioRick

    US Northwest NWOR 2019 Overland Bound Campsite

    Give a yell on 146.460 when you get close. I'm up on Chumstick Mt and should be back in town around 1:30
  4. RadioRick

    2019 NW Overland Rally - 06/20/2019

    Oo I came in this afternoon and see lots of rigs around staying at different campgrounds. Should be quite a line at 1:00 tomorrow.
  5. RadioRick

    Member Rides

    Or, be near retirement age, have your kids out of the house and a wife who considers anything less than our diesel pusher RV "Roughing it" :-) Makes life simpler!
  6. RadioRick

    Member Rides

    My JK Rubicon. Overlanding in a 2 Door is space challenging but lets me get places 4 doors struggle to fit.
  7. RadioRick

    NW Overland Rally and TaT

    Saturday is the current plan.
  8. RadioRick

    Heading to Yellowstone 2017

    Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. Stay nearby at Canyon Village if you can reserve a space, as it is one of the most central campgrounds in the park with a good lodge complex.
  9. RadioRick

    Father Son Trip...

    What sorts of things do you want to take the boys to see? A great history run is to follow the Pony Express trail from Utah to California, especially the parts in Utah and Nevada. Lots of historical locations with outbuildings, placards with location information, and lots of wildlife. I had...
  10. RadioRick

    NW Overland Rally and TaT

    We are doing the southern portion of the WABCDR then going to the rally. Your welcome to join us or look forward to seeing you there.
  11. RadioRick

    WABCDR to the NW Overland Rally

    Thought I had responded - sorry for the wait. We are taking the Washington BCDR from Stevenson As in the gorge up the Washington Cascades to Chumstick Mountain and plan to be in Leavenworth by Wednesday in time to resupply and clean up before going into the rally Thursday.
  12. RadioRick

    WABCDR to the NW Overland Rally

    Since I live up the McKenzie it is probably easier to meet you somewhere on I-5 on the way up - perhaps the rest area at MP 206? I plan to be up there around 7:15 en route to meet some folks in Stevenson Washington around 10:00 am. Love to have you join us as that makes 3 rigs going.
  13. RadioRick

    Digital Ham: D-Star or Fusion (or other) when travelling.

    Very little digital outside the metro areas so I've not yet played with anything but DMR stuff.
  14. RadioRick

    Looking for reliable two way radio

    On the transmit side there is not a lot of difference in most of the radios from a lowly $29 Baofeng to a $350 Kenwood dual band radio, as all radios have to meet the FCC emission requirements for transmit. Some have better TX audio and some not so good but the antenna system REALLY makes a big...
  15. RadioRick

    2019 Northwest Overland Rally Caravan

    At least 2 of us are going to do the WA Back country discovery route from Stevens to Chumstick Mountain that week from Saturday to Wednesday. Let me know if you are interested in joining us.
  16. RadioRick

    WABCDR to the NW Overland Rally

    Two of us are planning to travel the Washington back-country discovery route from the Oregon border up to Chumstick Mountain June 15-19th enroute to the Northwest Overland Rally in Plain, Washington. This will be a lesurely 5 day trip up a trail that normally takes 3 days so lots of time to...
  17. RadioRick

    Willamette Valley Bonfire, Camping, Meet-and-Greet, and Potluck

    Great food and fellowship indeed!