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  1. Iubootgater

    XJ Cherokee Owners Registry

    Have had a few. Loved them, just got sick of strapping shit on top of small SUV's so I bought a truck. Having said that a XJ with a 4.0 is amazing, can of combustion chamber cleaner, gallon of coolant and some duct tape is all you will ever need to keep them on the road.
  2. Iubootgater

    Overland Bound - Midwest Region Meet and Greet - 08/11/2017

    This is what i get for being offline all summer, a event in my backyard and we will be in Mich...... Hope you all enjoy, i suggest a stop at "Big wood's village" in Nashville, craft beer, pizza and hard i dont work for them just really enjoy all their local made products.
  3. Iubootgater

    Boats... throwing money in the water

    I do love "Marine" yard art. Or habitat if you prefer...
  4. Iubootgater

    Boats... throwing money in the water

    Never seen universal cables and controls....I would consider selling motor and getting a "Merc" with cables, I am partial to mercury but at the end of the day i would have whatever motor brand i have a dealer near and a line on parts, surprised the controls are that hard to find, expensive im...
  5. Iubootgater

    Boats... throwing money in the water

    Dumb enough to own one with a engine and smart enough to have a few that you just paddle. I worked on them for 15 years and what i learned was it better be "what you do", if you have other hobbies, say overlanding, you better have deep pockets or more free time than most. I love boating but...
  6. Iubootgater

    Disc Golf

    Keep disc's in truck, playing since '99 off and on. Lots of courses in Indiana, just don't have the scenery, mostly deep woods and open fields in Midwest. Have played in Tucson AZ, loved the desert play but the "Trees" bite. Innova partial. Anyone take travel baskets? Always like a little...
  7. Iubootgater


    Not a cubs fan but i defiantly hated to see Schwab go down like this, especially this early in career. I think the best thing for the cubs to do is trade him to the Redsox and let him be a DH :sunglasses: In all seriousness sorry for him and for Cubs nation.
  8. Iubootgater

    Overland Indiana Decal update.

    Between that and the obvious dislike of "Wayalife" Im guessing your not a jeep fan in general. Thats cool this is a all makes group after all and everyone is entitled to there opinion, safe to say you are a "Bowtie" guy?
  9. Iubootgater

    Kitchens- Lets See Em

    Some joker started "Overland Kitchen" back in Jan 15' but it was more about recipes. Like this idea of the camp kitchen setup though, always an evolving bit of kit.
  10. Iubootgater

    Got my Letter today!

    Dont know your plan but it sounds awesome, all i needed to see was ship to Europe...... Congratulations.
  11. Iubootgater

    Overland Indiana Decal update.

    As a fellow hoosier, those hills look awful big for Indiana.........Just kidding, looks good and agree with @Steve
  12. Iubootgater

    98 XJ 4.0 not holding oil pressure and ticking when driving!

    Just my 2 cents as a owner of multiple of these over the years. Use conventional 10w30, buy a mopar filter should be #5281090ab if memory serves and change every 3k. all 4.0's leak, usually from rear main and seep from the valve cover. Sludge at the oil sender is common as well and can affect...
  13. Iubootgater

    F150 Overland build

    Shit..... My truck just saw this and my wallet just got lighter. Love the Generals, about to go with the AT 2's but i love the red letter Grabers. Sir you have done about everything i would like to do and have not been able to justify yet. What leveling kit you go with? I have been leaning...
  14. Iubootgater

    If you dont mind me asking where are you located, mid-west I assume?

    If you dont mind me asking where are you located, mid-west I assume?
  15. Iubootgater

    Redbird SRA in Dugger, Indiana meetup and trail run

    Damn... Sir you are on it and it's appriceated. According to count it's not far off the ten, still working out if I or we can make it but going to try.
  16. Iubootgater

    Redbird SRA in Dugger, Indiana meetup and trail run

    Smart...short wheelbase experienced wheeler up front with radio would be the way to go I would think. Obviously the vid I posted is the extreme but we like our trees in these parts so I'm guessing allot of the trails are tight at spots. Guess it's time to level the truck and buy those AT's....
  17. Iubootgater

    Redbird SRA in Dugger, Indiana meetup and trail run

    I'm not opposed to trying the easy trail's in the truck, my concern is the ground clearance and tight turns in a supercrew full size. I have not been there but i am familiar with the park, those trails are tight as far as i can tell from all the YouTube videos and people i know have been there...
  18. Iubootgater

    Redbird SRA in Dugger, Indiana meetup and trail run

    Think we have had this conversation before, I'm in greenwood.
  19. Iubootgater

    Redbird SRA in Dugger, Indiana meetup and trail run

    Steve said what i was thinking, I heard lake and started thinking more about paddling and camping then running trail in a stock f150. Its only two hours for me and it would be nice to meet some of mid-west members. I will have to check the calendar, cant believe i just saw this thread, guess i...
  20. Iubootgater

    Overlanding with a Kayak

    We almost always take the YAK's with us. I do allot of kayak fishing on a few small lakes. We bought Perception "Tribes" which are sit-on and stack-able for day trips on the river and for the fishing. They are definitely recreational boats, also have a old Grumman wide body canoe for the longer...