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  1. slomatt

    SOLD ARB Fridge - 47 liter/50 Quart and accessories, SF Bay Area, California

    Hi Sean, I'm potentially interested if your pending sale doesn't work out. Can you provide some pictures of the fridge? I'm in Mountain View most Wednesdays and could stop by to pick it up.
  2. slomatt

    Gazelle Tents

    I think part of the issue is that the rain fly blocks most of the mesh area at the top of the tent, and even with the windows cracked there's not a lot of airflow. Some tents have vents at the bottom for just this reason, and I'm betting that opening the bottom of one or both doors will really...
  3. slomatt

    Gazelle Tents

    Has anybody else had condensation issues with their Gazelle? This weekend my wife, daughter, and I camped in our Gazelle and on the first night we apparently didn't open enough windows and wound up with significant condensation on the walls. On the second night we opened all the windows a few...
  4. slomatt

    Winch power isolation

    I put a 300A fuse inline with my Warn M8000. This way if the positive wire ends up shorting to the frame the fuse will hopefully blow before the truck burns down. The fuse is installed in a way that allows me to quickly bypass it if needed. Picture is with the cover removed.
  5. slomatt

    Bow saw or other for small firewood chores?

    +1 to the Silky BigBoy. I used a Sven Saw for about 15 years, but I didn't like the angle of the grip and the way I tended to bash my knuckles on whatever I was cutting. Another downside of bow style saws is that they limit the diameter of log that you can process based on the height of the...
  6. slomatt

    Recovery Bag Recommendations

    But how do you hash tag that on the gram to get potential sponsors to notice? #idontknowwhereigotitbutitworks?
  7. slomatt

    LED Shell Lights

    TODO: Link to parts I used. The proper way to dim LEDs is using PWM (pulse width modulation). For fun I hooked up the dimmer to an oscilloscope and confirmed it was using PWM, this photo shows one 4' length of LEDs being driven at about 50% duty cycle. If anybody is really interested in...
  8. slomatt

    2010 Tacoma "Are we truck people?" build

    Custom LED shell lights.
  9. slomatt

    LED Shell Lights

    A while ago I bought a used shell for my Tacoma and quickly discovered that finding things at night in a dark shell is not a lot of fun so, I decided to add some LED lights. My requirements were reasonable price, a warm color temperature (I really dislike bright white lights in camp), dimmable...
  10. slomatt

    ClampTite Tool

    I recently purchased a ClampTite tool (ClampTite) to add some low profile hose clamps to my air hose setup. This is a pretty cool little tool that could be very useful for various types of trail repairs, and in fact I'm thinking of adding it to the tool kit in my truck. I already carry bailing...
  11. slomatt

    Help me understand auxiliary electrical systems...

    Generally you run a new wire off the positive battery terminal. The new wire should have a properly sized fuse or circuit breaker located as close to the battery as possible. You can then run that wire to a fuse block (agree that Blue Sea is good quality) that is located either in the engine bay...
  12. slomatt

    Fake Overlanding?

    Apparently the secret to getting a ton of replies on your thread is to include the word "overlanding" in the title and then either try to define the term or else vaguely insult it. Guaranteed traffic! The amount of time this forum spends either defining or defending the term "overlanding" is...
  13. slomatt

    Tips for efficiently doing camp dishes?

    We tend to first scrape off any stuck on food (into the fire if there is one) and then use our used napkins or dirty paper towels to wipe out the dishes. This removes most of the food. Then we heat up a small amount of water in a pot, add a little soap, and use a brush to scrub/disenfect...
  14. slomatt

    Vehicle Inventory

    Thanks. It just takes some time/experience to get a feel for what you end up using, what is worth carrying because you might need it, and what is probably overkill for your particular situation. It's a constantly evolving balance.
  15. slomatt

    Anyone Name Their Overwatering Rig?

    My wife and I have two inflatable kayaks. One is the "SS Sufficient", the other is the "SS Mo Bedda". SS Sufficient is on the right in this picture:
  16. slomatt

    Spare part ‘must haves’.

    What spare parts to carry largely depends on the vehicle and if you often travel solo. I always travel with at least one other truck. With my old ZJ I carried quite a few spare parts (hoses, thermostat, coil, wheel bearing, etc) and used many of them at one time or another, but that was a Jeep...
  17. slomatt

    Stanislaus National Forest

    I think that most if not all of 7N09 is in the Stanislaus National Forest and that you do not need a permit for dispersed camping. I've camped on top of the Calaveras Dome several times, and there is at least one route you can take across the North Fork of the Mokelumne River to wind up on...
  18. slomatt

    Xterra meet ups

    There used to be a very active NCCX (Northern California Club Xterra) group, but I'm not sure if they are still around.
  19. slomatt

    How to find trails and weekend trips?

    Welcome to the site! As others have noted there are many websites that list trails. There are also some good books.
  20. slomatt

    Stanislaus National Forest

    I was up there last weekend trying to run the Eagle Peak trail, which it turns out is closed until 7/31. While exploring we found some nice dispersed camping sites just past Pinecrest Lake. Rough directions: - Head east on highway 108 past Pinecrest Lake. - Head south on Forest Route 4N12 in...