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  1. Big E

    2015 Tacoma build, suspension and tires.

    I wanted to share what I did with my truck so if anyone is working on a truck similar to mine and have questions maybe this can give you some ideas. What I did; Why I did it. Suspension: On our second long range trip we took a full kit of gear, extra spare tire, fuel, water, RTT, and gear to...
  2. Big E

    Flooding in Western NC 5/18

    If you are planning a trip to the Mortimor area in Western NC be advised that many of the fire roads and NC 90 are damaged, closed, or nearly impassable due to heavy rain and flood damage. The NF campground is closed until after Memorial day. If you camp in the area be aware the creeks are...
  3. Big E

    Used car lot find.

    For sale in Morganton NC. 2 Land Cruisers. Sent from my E6810 using OB Talk mobile app
  4. Big E

    Skid plates- finish

    I bought a set if RCI plates for my Tacoma. Many people question whether to get a power coat or do a home bed liner job on them. Here are some unscientific results of my project. My front plate is powder coated. It shows rust from hard use. My second and third plates are home bed liner...
  5. Big E

    Making the significant other happy in Western NC.

    If your wheeling brings you to Western NC you may want to stop in Hot Springs NC. Great place to let your passenger get pampered, and soak in a mineral hot bath. Just had to run my wife their after a road trip with hiking. The town itself is small but great. The rates at the spa are...
  6. Big E

    Swiss invasion of Utah.

    Swiss Hilux at Dry Gulch on the Grand Staircase.And this at Capital Reef NP.
  7. Big E

    Max weight

    I took my fully loaded truck to the dump today and crossed the scales. I did pretty good. Only 140 lbs over weight. . A fun experiment trying to get the stuff I need and stay in range. But roughly 2% off.
  8. Big E

    Old iron

    Found this on a used car lot in my town. One of my favorites.
  9. Big E

    Greenville SC

    No idea of cost, saw it while helping someone pick up their new truck.
  10. Big E

    summer trip 17, around the 4 corners area

    I am heading out his summer on a trip. Kinda long trip but looking for advice and tips of things to see and do on the way. 1. Tuweep overlook on the north rim of the grand canyon. This is a present for my wife. Going in on the sunshine route, Mt Trumball road. 2. Escalante Staircase-Burr...
  11. Big E

    Found this.

    Brings back memories.
  12. Big E

    Focus on work, not play

    I am sitting in my classroom today trying to focus on teaching not the trip this weekend to the outer banks. One child sets these down in front of me so I can put them in the prize box. All focus gone, now it's vroom vroom thinking about beach driving. Made for a rough day at work.
  13. Big E

    small goals and success.

    I find that some small goals keep my going in life. My most recent is that I bought an ink pen, new to the world. I used it, carefully kept track of it, never loaned it out, and enjoyed it fully. And I have for the first time in my life used it until the ink ran out. I am so happy with...
  14. Big E

    waterproof matches

    I don't know if this will help you, or will interest you but I am going to share. For the past 8 years I have conducted a science fair project with my second graders. We test waterproof matches, store bought and homemade with nail polish and dipped in wax. After all these years several things...
  15. Big E

    North Carolina members, where are you???

    Just wanted to get a thread going for North Carolina members, join in and lets get to know each other.
  16. Big E

    Noloss valve caps.

    I bought a set of these from Sierra Expeditions. A great way to not lose a valve caps or at least drop one in the mud and sand. They seal if your valve core fails, so no flat tire. Less than $20..... Just remember to get plastic if you have TPMS!!!!
  17. Big E

    shelter tent

    I am interested in getting a shelter to go with my RTT. I do not want it attached to my vehicle, so free standing is what I want. I have looked at Kelty Miranda Tarps. Anyone know if these are good, or if something is better??
  18. Big E

    Front 2 inch hitch

    Has anyone installed a high clearance front 2 inch hitch? I've looked at ones from Mobtown and CBI. I am interested in using it for either a front rack on the beach, portable winching, or recovery point as in the back. Any thoughts or ideas?
  19. Big E

    P vs. LT Tires

    If you are new to over-landing/off-roading and you may want to begin building your perfect rig. The first place I like to start is with tires, and this can lead to some confusion. Tires come in two basic classes, P-passenger tires and LT-light truck tires. Contrary to the names given the...
  20. Big E

    Stock Toyota steel wheel.

    This is more information than review. I have looked for this information about my Tacoma steel wheels. I was only able to get it when I bought a used one for a spare. The OEM wheel weight is 28 pounds and the backspace is 5 1/4 inches. Hope this helps someone.