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    In search of: The Best Ground Tents

    Is it just you? I really like the Cabelas ultimate Alaknak tents, but even the smallest one (12'x12') is pretty big. I have the 27'x13' with vestibule and roof protector, but I generally camp with 4-8 people, and honestly it's overkill for anything under 8 (the 12x20 or 12x12 are better for up...
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    Morryde trail kitchen

    ~$900. It's really well built, used it quite a bit this weekend camping. The stove just barely won't fit in the drawer as it's ~1/8" too wide but the griddle and all the coffee/cooking utensils do, so no wasted space.
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    Morryde trail kitchen

    This is a new product from morryde designed for the jku, heard about it on expedition portal and after some back and forth with morryde, I ended up getting one for my jlur. Install wasn't too bad, used the mounts for the cargo hold downs on the driver side and one of the bolts for the under...
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    Coffee Set Ups

    I use a primula espresso maker with Pilon espresso and either heat water in my camp teapot for americano or heat milk in it and whip it with a french press for cappuccino. Depends on what the wife is in the mood for. Either way it takes about 5 minutes for 4 cups of coffee (which we drink 2...