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  1. Smokinjoe

    What is Overlanding? Let's discuss!

    I just go out and have fun enjoying my time outdoors, I don't have a definition and don't care.
  2. Smokinjoe

    US West 2018 Turtleback Getaway Trail DEMO Off-Road trailer

    You'll need to contact Dave at Turtleback at 480-689-7743
  3. Smokinjoe

    California: Action Needed Nightmare Gulch and Last Chance Canyon trail

    UPDATE: CORVA has made State Parks extend comment period to August .. CORVA will inspect Nightmare Gulch.. in July ….. Hoping for something positive
  4. Smokinjoe

    US West 2018 Turtleback Getaway Trail DEMO Off-Road trailer

    Ok she's going back to AZ this, don't miss out on this DEMO deal ….. as I'm picking up my TB
  5. Smokinjoe

    US West 2018 Turtleback Getaway Trail DEMO Off-Road trailer

    FYI - This trailer will be going back to TB Factory AZ in to two weeks leaving California....
  6. Smokinjoe

    US West 2018 Turtleback Getaway Trail DEMO Off-Road trailer

    I ordered a Turtleback trailer and traveled to AZ to pickup. While there I made some changes so Dave (Owner of TB trailers) loaned me his personal trailer to use while ours is worked on. The trailer tows Sweet riding on 35’s, timbren axles, great ground clearance, tracks very nice and nicely...
  7. Smokinjoe

    Know your Enemy

    They say " Know your Enemy " is Defenders of Wildlife a very well financed and organized non profit advocacy group based in Washington DC with full time positions across the US. They are not fans of Off-Roaders or 4X4 access that causes environmental threats to the...
  8. Smokinjoe

    Quick Rant

    We have a chance and looking for support of OB Members but was hoping for more than 40 views on my post and its hard to tell if anyone sent email into state. we have an issue at Red Rock State park and all we need are email responses an ez thing but hard to get , folks like to talk the talk but...
  9. Smokinjoe

    Rig Photos

    My 2015 JKUR
  10. Smokinjoe

    California: Action Needed Nightmare Gulch and Last Chance Canyon trail

    I just returned from Red Rock Canyon California State Park General Plan Revision meeting. Based on the proposed maps on display, we are losing access to trails that have been open 4WD trails since the beginning of time like Nightmare Gulch, and parts of Last Chance Canyon trail, also other...
  11. Smokinjoe

    Rig Photos

  12. Smokinjoe

    Chicken Rock Panamint Valley

    Took a trip to Panamint Valley to run South Park Loop and check out the new bridge and Chicken Rock obstacle. The BLM just replaced the Bridge and they are going to remove the rock that gives everybody trouble on Chicken Rock. We ran trail before the pucker factor is removed, the shelf road...
  13. Smokinjoe

    Fridge for Toyota Sunrader build - do I NEED an offroad fridge?

    I believe having an Off-Road designed fridge will be your best bet in the long run. For one thing they are designed for heavy duty operation, taking ruff trails, having stuff fall on them, also the electronics are designed in a way to prevent the fridge draining your vehicles battery, fridge...
  14. Smokinjoe

    FOR SALE ARB Fridge Slide

    ARB Fridge slide for 30-50 qt fridge also includes ARB tie downs XLNT condition $250. shipping extra
  15. Smokinjoe

    Navigation help

    TRX app does separate road miles from trail miles you can input your waypoint from your TRX account then sync to IPhone. it does use gpx files also
  16. Smokinjoe

    ARB "ELEMENTS" Weatherproof Fridge

    The ARB Fridge is a workhorse and made to last , mine going on three years . I have seen advertisements for the Elements Weatherproof Fridge if you require the fridge in a open bed or exposed all the time this sounds a great option.
  17. Smokinjoe

    Navigation help

    Magellan TRX app work very well for free I also use Gaia and so far am leaning to Magellan TRX IPhone app...very user friendly.
  18. Smokinjoe

    Questions about cayote flats out of bishop.

    its EZ but has a steep grade and a few switch backs the trail is not to ruff and road to Coyote Flats is nice ... you'll be about 9-10K feet
  19. Smokinjoe

    Anyone have issues with high CG trailers off-road?

    Run a trail and do some testing you'll be surprised how much of an angle the trailer will go before a wheel get off ground.
  20. Smokinjoe

    Turtleback Expedition or So-Cal Teardrop Trailers

    Yah I heard he smacked a few other items also something about smoking tires, they was on Rubicon last week. Turtleback is nice trailer but to be honest its too nice a trailer, I would not run on Rubicon, I have seen other trailers take on Rubicon most having issues. The military type trailers...