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  1. RoarinRow

    Wilco Solo Hitch Spare Tire Carrier

    Since I completed my 6” lift and 35” tire set up I had to find a way to store my 35” spare tire. It certainly does not fit comfortably under the truck where the OEM spare was. For the life of me I could not lift it over my head to put on top of my luggage rack. Putting it in the bed of the...
  2. RoarinRow

    Dometic CFX 28 vs Lifetime 28Q Size Comparison

    Just received my Dometic CFX 28 today. It will supplement my Lifetime 28Q cooler. For comparison here are some side by side shots. I did not want to get a bigger fridge as I wanted it to fit in the same exactly place where I have my existing cool. The best thing is that it fits in the same...
  3. RoarinRow

    Topperlift for Camper Shells

    While surfing YouTube I found a guy who had this installed on his camper shell - Topperlift. I feel a mod coming in my near future.
  4. RoarinRow

    Mud flaps or no mud flaps?

    With my new Duratec tires I am concerned about scratching my paint and of course throwing debris from the tires. I am thinking of getting mud flaps for my stock 3” lift Silverado. Your thoughts? Pic for reference.
  5. RoarinRow

    Weboost Reach Cell Phone Signal Booster

    I just picked up one of these Weboost Reach cell phone boosters today. I need it like I need a hole in my head. It's their newest model. Got it cause my cell phone signal is spotty around our area. I have an AT&T iPhone X for personal use and an iPhone 6S for work through Verizon. Both have...
  6. RoarinRow

    Midland MXT105 GMRS Base Station Install

    Got my GMRS acceptance from the FCC today as well as my Midland MXT105. Seems to work as advertised. I was able to make test calls from this device to my Uniden GMRS handheld radio. Question - can these base GMRS radio be calibrated like CBs with a SWR meter? I have a SWR meter but not sure if...
  7. RoarinRow

    Renogy 100w Solar Setup

    Out of all my mods the one I am most proud of is my solar set up. I watched this video over and over until I got the nerve to do it myself. If I were to do it over again, I would go with a 200w system and a MPPT solar charger. For now this meets my basic needs. For some reason I cannot...