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  1. Polaris Overland

    EU West Europe Adventure Overland Show - Late Summer Edition

    If by some miracle with work I will try to make it
  2. Polaris Overland

    Adventure Overland show September 27-29th.

    Rally Point is up and I have shared it on Facebook. Hopefully we can get a few together and I'll sort out what I can with Tom for all the members.
  3. Polaris Overland

    EU West Europe Adventure Overland Show - Late Summer Edition

    The last Overland Show of the year. A chance for members to meet up, swap stories, kick tyres and arrange meets and trips whilst enjoying everything that the show has to offer. The Adventure Overland Show boasts the largest gathering of expedition vehicles in the UK. Since its launch in 2012...
  4. Polaris Overland

    Adventure Overland show September 27-29th.

    Ok I'll create a Rally Point Event and put your details. If we get enough interest I will speak to Tom McGiugan and get a camp area reserved.
  5. Polaris Overland

    Scotland / North England Monthly Camp / Meet

    Ok guys so on the OB West Europe whatsapp group there has been some talk of a monthly weekend camp / meet for the members in Scotland and North of England. The initial thought was coffee and chat but we are spread a bit thin over a large area so a camp was discussed. So if this is something...
  6. Polaris Overland

    Adventure Overland show September 27-29th.

    Hey guys there has not been an official meet planned for this one but I can certainly set it up. A few members are going including Andrew Healey but we wont be able to make this one sadly. I did ask how many members were going and if those that were attending wanted me to set something up...
  7. Polaris Overland

    Heating Your Roof Tent

    It was -14 driving back through Kazakhstan last year and just reading a book your fingers froze. Prefer to ha e a bit more comfort especially when it’s dark for 18 hours a day at times
  8. Polaris Overland

    Heating Your Roof Tent

    So ever since we got the heater fitted in our Land Rover Defender we wanted to find a way to heat the tent. We initially just ran a duct hose out the window up into the tent and loosely wedged some tongue and groove wood into the remaining gap. It kind of worked but we were not happy with the...
  9. Polaris Overland

    Fun in our Isuzu DMax

    Yep the Midges can be hell
  10. Polaris Overland

    South Wales

    Welcome Welshboy, few trips already on Rally Point for you to take a look at. A few plans around Wales Trip and North England Trip plus a possible NC500 trip. Get involved and look forward to seeing you on one of our meets or trips. Give me a shout if you need anything or I can help Dave
  11. Polaris Overland

    Howdy from a New Overlander

    Great to have you here Jake. Keep an eye on rally point and join the Facebook pages if you haven't already,. Salisbury Plains laning trip coming up at the end of August Bank Holiday weekend.
  12. Polaris Overland

    Western alps trip

    Looks a great trip. Great scenery. The changes in plan all add to the adventure. First rule of planning is it will change once you set off.
  13. Polaris Overland

    A ONE YEAR OVERLAND Trip : Europe, Central Asia, Russia, Mongolia

    Great choice. We did it over 2 years and it was amazing. If I can help or offer advice give me a shout. Look forward to following your adventures.
  14. Polaris Overland

    Hi from Europe

    Welcome. Keep an eye on the rally point events for Europe as we have a few events coming up with more planned in the future. Also don't forget we have Facebook pages for a few of the Europe regions where you will be welcomed and is good for social chat and getting to know members.
  15. Polaris Overland

    Fun in our Isuzu DMax

    A few upgrades there since I last saw it. And your dogs are that well trained they use Huggies ;-)
  16. Polaris Overland

    EU West Europe Raiders Road Trial Guardian clean up

    We should be good to arrive the Thursday night or at least early Friday as we will be travelling up from the Salisbury Plains Meet. I’ll get a load of rubble bags etc for rubbish
  17. Polaris Overland

    Europe - Loch Tay / Glen Lyon Recce

    As Loch Tay was recently mentioned by a couple of West Europe MembersI've been looking at some unnamed tracks and routes near Loch Tay and Glen Lyon.. Anyone fancy exploring it at some point give me a shout. The route is purely an example as there are unnamed roads heading off in all...
  18. Polaris Overland

    The Matterhorn Expedition

    Have a great time folks
  19. Polaris Overland

    Where is my posts now....?

    No posts or threads are deleted. You can see all your postings by going to your profile and selecting postings.
  20. Polaris Overland


    What vehicle Pete. We upgraded all our lights on our Defender to LED. For headlights I went with the Trucklite 7" which are a huge improvement of the original candles in a tin quality ones but I think there are better LED options now. The Trucklite's were the only CE marked ones available when I...