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  1. Kelly

    My Case for the 5.9L Grand Cherokee (ZJ)

    A few have asked (and many more wondered, I'm sure) why I would invest all this time and money into the Grand Cherokee (ZJ) platform. Let me start by saying, it would not be my first choice if it were my daily driver, or if I had kids. I'd want something newer, nicer, and bigger. However, as a...
  2. Kelly

    Why Overland Bound ROCKS!!!

    This is my story, let's hear yours! Yesterday, while driving back from the British Columbia Overland Rally, my Jeep died. I had it towed to a Jeep dealership in Tacoma, WA. I wrote a post about it, and commented that I thought it might be the ECM, and because that part has been discontinued...
  3. Kelly

    ATTN: Jeep, Toyota, Land Rover...

    THIS!!! is how you build axles...
  4. Kelly

    Looking for advice...

    I'm not finding what I want on the market, which has got me considering building one myself. Here's the concept... A 4x8 trailer simular to this... But instead of a roof, cut the bottom our of one of these... and use it as the roof. The idea being, you could still sleep in it with the...
  5. Kelly

    What's the best wire sleeve?

    Running wires along my roof rack to connect lights. What's the most durable/best looking sleeve?
  6. Kelly

    Trasharoo O.B. Mod

  7. Kelly

    NW & BC Overland Rally Trip?

    NW Overland Rally - June 15th to 18th, 2017 in Leavenworth, Washington State. BC Overland Rally - June 22nd to 25th, 2017 in Hemlock Valley, British Columbia Leaving Sacramento on the 13th. Returning on the 30th (flexible). Epic Overland Loop!!! Who's in?
  8. Kelly

    Expedition to Prudhoe Bay - 08/07/2017

    Alcan Hwy - Prudhoe Bay - Inuvik, NWT - Depart Sacramento, CA August 7th 2017 View Rally Point Details
  9. Kelly

    SOLD CA - Sumatra RTT w/ Annex & Awning - $700 - Local Pickup

    My friend Sergio Medeiros is putting a pop-up roof in his Defender, and needs to sell his RTT with annex & awning. $700 is a great deal! He and his wife are traveling around the world and I want to help them out by facilitating this transaction. They're coming from Las Vegas to Sacramento this...
  10. Kelly

    Kinetic Rope

    Watched @O.Dfj 's rope in action, and decided it was a must-have piece of kit. Soooo much more effective than a tow strap. 1"x 30' with a 31,500lb capacity.
  11. Kelly

    Awning alternatives...

    Besides being expensive, and adding more weight up top, sometimes "next to the rig" is not the best place (view) to hang out. I'm thinking about alternatives to the typical vehicle awning (a place to get out of the sun, and rain). What do you think of this?... The dark panel is removable, or...
  12. Kelly

    Survey: Favorite Wrench Type?

    If you had very little space, and wanted to keep weight to a minimum, but needed more than a couple of Crescent Wrenches, which style would you choose?
  13. Kelly

    Where to mount MaxTrax.

    I've only seen this done once in person, but I'm seriously considering putting them on the hood. It's the only place on the rig where they'll be easy to get to and aren't in the way. Any reason this is a bad idea? I don't care if it looks weird. Form follows function.
  14. Kelly

    Backroads to Buena Vista, CO -

    I'm headed to Buena Vista, CO from Sacramento next week (flexible), to pick up my new front bumper and sliders. Any suggestions on dirt road alternatives? Anyone want to go with? Proposed route...
  15. Kelly

    New Member "IAMJAKE"

    Jake Wettern has a YouTube channel I've been following for a year. Ran into him at Overland Expo and bought him an OB membership (#5315). Awesome channel. Awesome guy. Welcome to the group Jake!!! Check out his Vlog about the Expo and joining Overland Bound... ... and thank you @Dominic OB...
  16. Kelly

    Action Packer Charging Station

    Dust free charging for everything!!!
  17. Kelly

    Cordless Chainsaw

    I've been carrying a Stihl MS 170, but no more. No more gas fumes. No more Sta-Bil. No more spark plug changes. No more problems at high-altitude. No more pull starting. No more earplugs. 9.0 Amp Hour battery runs all my other tools. First "tree across the trail" I run into, I'll shoot a...
  18. Kelly

    Good Info To Have

    Laminated guides to all things wild... From the "Pocket Naturalist" collection. Available on Amazon.
  19. Kelly

    Consulting Job for Sacramento Area Toyota/Jeep Mechanic.

    @Reichling and I are working on an Overland Related Project that requires consultation with a Certified Toyota and Jeep (one of each) mechanic. Must live in the Sacramento Area. Would prefer an OB Member, but we'll take what we can get :-) This is a paid position.
  20. Kelly

    Vehicle Trail Repairs?

    What was the most unique/difficult repair you've done on the trail? What is the most common repair you perform? Please list Year, Make, and Model of your vehicle.