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  1. Arod1243

    Breaking in a crate motor?

    Hey all, I recently installed a new crate motor on my 97 wrangler (2.5l 4cyl). Everything I've read says these motors should get around 20 mpg's hwy, however I am only getting around 12.5. The new motor only has about 400 miles on it so it is pretty fresh. My questions are...Is this normal to...
  2. Arod1243

    WI/MN boarder Trails?

    Hey all! I am new to overlanding and just picked up a 97 jeep TJ. Got a lift and tires on it already so crunching at the bit to get out there. Anyone familiar with any beginner/intermediate trails near western WI eastern MN? I am near the Eau Claire area of WI so fairly close to MN. Any...
  3. Arod1243

    Reasonable Expectations for 2.5L Jeep

    Hey everyone! Just getting into overlanding and recently picked up a 97' Jeep Wrangler. I got a super good deal on it, however it is the 2.5L motor rather than the 4.0L most people use for off-roading type activities. My question is, 'What are reasonable expectations to have with a 2.5L...