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  1. TheMcCalls

    FOR SALE Give Wasabi a new home! 1999 Montero/Pajero

    Posted for a friend:
  2. TheMcCalls

    Tire type, rim sizes and such...

    Hey all, When I bought my truck from a dealership recently, they had already done me the solid of putting a 6" lift, 20" rims, and 35" M/Ts on it. Thing is, I don't care much about fancy rims or their size, and I think I'd rather have A/T's on it now that I've had some time to drive it...
  3. TheMcCalls

    Mazama to Tiffany Springs, WA

    Did some adventuring with Northwest Overland this weekend. We drove out to Marblemount to pick up some folks, through to Mazama to get the rest, then up to Tiffany Springs for some camping. Hundreds of miles were driven. Some on pavement, dirt, and mud, some on ice and snow. People were met...
  4. TheMcCalls


    Hey all, Looking ahead to outfitting my rig, I was just wondering if there was something special about Maxtrax themselves, or if, in your experience, the slightly less expensive competitors like TRED are essentially just as good. Thanks!
  5. TheMcCalls

    2014 RAM 1500

    Hey all, New to the site, and to overlanding in general. Was considering getting a Jeep, but my wife and I just bought our first home, and decided a pickup would be more practical. When I went to look at the truck, the ad implied that it was stock. Come to find out, the dealership put a 6"...