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  1. Wolvee

    Hi-Lift Jack!

    This little guy showed up today! Now, if I only had time to play with it. Things might settle down in a couple weeks and I'll get to take it out. I honestly didn't know if I should get the 48" or the 60" but I figured being a full size truck, the 60's would probably be better. The thing sure...
  2. Wolvee

    Buying a house - Oy Vey!

    I've been pretty much a ghost here for the last 2 months, dropping in only sporadically because we've been experiencing the Pit & the Pendulum first hand. ..Home Shopping. We close on our house on the 21st and I can't wait till it's over. I never knew something so great could be so stressful.
  3. Wolvee

    Hello East Coasters!

    Hello all. Where are you from? What are your favorite local Overlanding & camping spots.
  4. Wolvee

    Virginia Coast & OBX?

    Anyone from the Virginia eastern Coast or N.C. OBX? I'm in Williamsburg, Virginia and Overlanding here is slim pickens.
  5. Wolvee

    Horology-Watches, Suggest an alternative for me

    Do we have any friends here that like Horology or like to collect watches? I've found a watch that I've fallen in like with but I don't care for the Brand. It's a Tag Heuer Formula 1 GMT Calibre 7 WAZ211A.BA0875. I love everything about it except the brand. I'm not ready to step up to the...
  6. Wolvee

    Heise L.E.D.?, Have you used them..

    Has anyone here used Heise LED's ? I had never heard of them until last week and I just found out I can get a good discount on them and from the little I've found online, they are considered pretty tough and durable.
  7. Wolvee

    People you meet on the trail, List

    I seen this on Facetweet this morning and thought it was funny. I'd say I'm # 5,6,&7. :0)
  8. Wolvee

    Roof Rack RetroFit ?

    Has anyone here retrofit or made a custom roof rack system for their Rigs? I recently picked up an adjustable track system from an '05-ish Ford Expedition.  I'm going to trim it to the appropriate length and mount it to the roof of my Supercrew F150. I have seen this done in the past on other...
  9. Wolvee

    Expedition Overland S2:E1
  10. Wolvee

    CB or HAM?

    As the great poet Shakespeare once pondered, "CB or not to CB, HAM is the real question?" I have a fairly dutiful old CB that is about to be retired. Since I found Overlanding I honestly haven't used it much and since I'm in the middle of this build I'm questioning if I should go CB or HAM? I...
  11. Wolvee

    F-150 Build

    As of now I'm mostly concentrated on long term reliability and RestoModding all the old and broken parts. In stock form I've been able to do most of my overlanding but I want to have more challenging trips. I overland the Appalachians, Northern Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Colorado. My...
  12. Wolvee

    What tires do you like? (Merged Thread)

    What All terrain tires do you like?  I've always liked General Grabbers's and of course BFG's but what do you prefer? It's time for me to pick up a new set in 35's.  :0)
  13. Wolvee

    Are 5 Lugs enough?

    What are your thoughts on Lug patterns? Ford used to have a 5x135 on their Trucks (My year body style) but went to 6 lugs on the newer models. Larger vehicles are 8 lug, what do you all prefer for your size Rigs. Have you even thought about it? Is 5 enough or do large Quarter Ton and bigger...
  14. Wolvee

    Aftermarket TPMS ?

    Does here anyone here use an aftermarket TPMS. If so, what do you use or like? My Rig does not have factory RF sensors so I'm looking for a complete kit. I was going to rig something with a RasPi and some 315mhz transmitters but when I googled TPMS sensors; I found there are tons of them but...
  15. Wolvee

    Permanent Solar vehicle charger, Hood

    Does anyone make a small solar panel that is a smart battery charger/maintainer? I'm adding a second battery and I'd like to design and install everything at once. I'd like to permanently install it in the hood.
  16. Wolvee

    Polyurethane Bushings

    How many of you have changed your bushing and used Polyurethanes instead of the standard rubber? I have always went with Poly bushings in my hotrods but I'm not sure how they'd stand up vs. something like a better designed Moog part.  I'm referring mostly to the front end but have any of you...
  17. Wolvee

    Order your OB Emblems!

    Did you order you badges yet?  I just did.  Thanks Mike! W.
  18. Wolvee

    Lamp placement height OTF

    The current trend with safari lighing is the high powered LED's but I was wondering if there is any science to the placement and type of beam people choose. I'm sure all of us realize that many people buy what looks cool (and cheapest) over what works right and even fewer people know where to...
  19. Wolvee

    Wheelbase, Angles, Clearance, Tire Height, Travel

    All things Technical and measured: What are your rigs specs, what would you prefer more or less of and how well are your needs being met with your Trucks?