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  1. Mekcanix

    91 XJ I need mechanical assistance

    if you jumped it out and it made no difference then there is another issue. and with out being there to actually look and test I am useless to you sorry
  2. Mekcanix

    91 XJ I need mechanical assistance

    check the ballast resistor on the fire wall around the brake booster or the air cleaner mounted to the fender I had mine fail on the way home one dark and stormy night and it sounds suspiciously like your issue pic id from a forum and the what is this is the resistor its made of ceramic and if...
  3. Mekcanix

    09 GMC sierra 1500

    the pic isnt the best but you get the idea
  4. Mekcanix

    09 GMC sierra 1500

    Minor update: I will have pics later seem to have deleted the in progress pics on phone oppsy SO what I have done is taken care of a cosmetic eye sore to me the tucked wheels, yes I know this does nothing for performance or overlanding ability but to be honest the look of those wheels tucked...
  5. Mekcanix

    No Boundaries - New trailer by Forest River

    So I have continued modding up our NoBo 16.5. 2 of my favorite mods to this point are A: I removed the sink from the wet bath man did that make using the bathroom a less cramped experience. B: I installed a set of JT strong arm stabilizers now it feels like a solid little cabin when set up no...
  6. Mekcanix

    Pick-up Trucks

    At this point my truck is running a 2" level on the front and a Add a Leaf in the back with 33 inch tires on stock wheels, as I pull a 16.5 NoBo trailer to get out into the woods. I have in storage my old XJ which runs about 5 inches of custom lift and as much as I really wish the I had a solid...
  7. Mekcanix

    Pick-up Trucks

    I have been building my 09 Sierra for a few years now, there is very few things in the aftermarket for these trucks its like the 07 -13 gm trucks are the ugly step children. So I adapt and am slowly building into a reliable daily driven adventure truck
  8. Mekcanix

    2017 Silverado - upgrade opinions

    thanks very much
  9. Mekcanix

    2017 Silverado - upgrade opinions

    can I ask what brand of Steel rims those are, I am having no luck finding rims like that up here in Canada
  10. Mekcanix

    No Boundaries - New trailer by Forest River

    I will agree with Grubworm the interior fit and finish leaves something to be desired but I have been tweaking it some and as we run into issues I have been repairing or modifying it to better suit my needs. I am still happy with the NoBo, and it fits my needs just wish the quality was better...
  11. Mekcanix

    17 Sierra 1500. 2 years in the making.

    oh this is really nice.
  12. Mekcanix

    Rig Headliner Patch Collection

    on my GMC 1500 I found they did not stick very well to the factory head liner. I ended up using Velcro tape and stuck them to my glove box. I did use some of the tape on the head liner as a experiment and it has held all of the fall and the winter so it does work just not as cool as just...
  13. Mekcanix

    Exploring Manitoba Canada.

    My Wife is actually there right now for work. I am actually jealous she has said I will fall madly in love with the area. We are now looking at a possible spring or fall camping trip up there
  14. Mekcanix

    2005 GMC Sierra 1500 SLE z71 4x4 Overland Build

    nice Rig like how you are setting up
  15. Mekcanix

    09 GMC sierra 1500

    SO not really any pic to show but will give a update The camper was a excellent move as its been a blast, we are sad to have put it away already I have done some work on the truck but most of it not to my plan I laid out first got a rack for canoe, not perfect but it works I took the rhino rack...
  16. Mekcanix

    My ‘92 xj build

    Very nice, I see its marking its territory. Mine does the same
  17. Mekcanix

    No Boundaries - New trailer by Forest River

    Well we are on or fifth or sixth trip now with it and we definitely got the right unit, its a bit cramped in the bathroom , but I am getting used to it and the fact that I have a freakin Bathroom to use is AMAZING!!! I have upgraded the battery to dual units and plan on replacing them in a...
  18. Mekcanix

    What's your Multi-Tool?

    I carry a LeatherMan Surge on my belt daily and the only issue I have is I keep loosing the bits. I used to have the SOG power lok but broke a part of it and went to the retailer to get warranty and was told that I needed proof of purchase, and that ended there and I had them for years. I still...
  19. Mekcanix

    98 XJ Cherokee, TN build/questions

    In my setup I run a Detroit locker in the rear and a old many times rebuilt used ARB up front. I really never noticed the Detroit out back and daily drove the XJ for years