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  1. Moose.and.Me

    SOLD 5 KO2 275/70r17’s Long Beach, CA

    $550 5 BF Goodrich KO2 A/T 275/70r17 4 of the tires have 30,000 miles on them. 1 was used as spare and has never been driven on. No punctures or plugs. Long Beach, CA Local pickup
  2. Moose.and.Me

    FOR SALE Toytec Superflex Rear Coils

    Long Beach, CA Toytec Superflex Rear Coils (FJ, 03+ 4Runner, 03+GX) Approximately 25,000 miles Good shape!! Local pickup $100
  3. Moose.and.Me


    I'm currently thinking about adding a chainsaw to my list of gear I take with me overlanding. I'm curious though about the rechargeable type. Having a 4Runner with a outlet to recharge it on, does this make it a better choice? Not having to carry fuel for it might be a plus. Anyone have any...
  4. Moose.and.Me

    Wanted Wanted-SoCal-1 BFG KO2 275/70r17

    I'm looking for a used KO2 to use as my spare. Only need one. 5K-10k miles would be optimal. Sent from my iPhone using OB Talk