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  1. slomaro34

    Not new, but back after a while

    Hi all, I joined a few years back with my 2016 Wrangler and honestly focused more on the rock crawling aspect of offroading. I've gone through a slew of vehicles since I sold that: (STi, F150, Audi S7 and finally a Tacoma) I've also moved to Austin so things have changed a fair bit in my life...
  2. slomaro34

    Some Camping on Bois Blanc Island

    If anyone is familiar with Northern Michigan they might have heard of Bois Blanc, basically it's all gravel road and 2 track. I convinced my sister we should take the car ferry over from Cheboygan and do some camping. We got rained on and there was a lot of water on the North side of the...
  3. slomaro34

    Newbie in Iowa

    Hey all, so I have a 2016 Rubicon on 35's with a metal cloak game changer, and some other stuff that I use sometimes (pictures below). I don't think I'd consider myself an overlander yet, but I'm going to be in Sydney Australia for a couple of weeks in August (for work) and I reserved a rig...