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  1. Overland_Mitsu

    235 vs 30x9.50?

    So I am in the market for new tires soon. I was really set on 31’s but I think that’ll be overkill for my rig and general needs. I’ve scaled back to either a 30 or stick with my current 235’s. I’m running some pretty worn down 235’s which barley measure to 28”. I’ve read a new true 235 will be...
  2. Overland_Mitsu

    Mitsubishi Outlander Sport light over land build

    I thought I’d make a dedicated thread to the outlander sport build. I didn’t want to fill up the welcome area with updates! My wife and I have slowly been turning our 2012 Outlander Sport into a light over landing rig. It all happened in April on our way to Austin Texas when we hit a deer off...
  3. Overland_Mitsu

    Outlander Sport from WA!

    Hey everyone! I have been a long time reader and decided to finally sign up. My wife and I are avid campers and trail users and have been building up our Mitsubishi Outlander Sport into a mild overland/camping rig. It is definitely not the most likely choice for a vehicle but has great...