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  1. whistlepunk

    Jeep Owners Represent!

    New 2018 JK. Have not had a chance to do much to her yet. As she sat at the dealer just before driving away.
  2. whistlepunk

    Carry Bag For Cast Iron Griddle?

    Here is how my setup currently looks. We got the Camp Chef bag to go with our Everst stove and sandwiched the grill plate between 2 pieces of foam. If the grill gets to dirty in camp we just wrap it up in a garage bag before putting it in the bag . Since we had some extra foam ( we got the...
  3. whistlepunk

    Carry Bag For Cast Iron Griddle?

    Pretty much the same - keep it all together. I have the Camp Chef Everest and a griddle all in the Camp Chef bag separated by a piece of the foam you use for floor mats
  4. whistlepunk

    eastern oregon this september

    Oh so many places to see in that area. How long are you planning on taking from Baker to Crater? As Mapjunkie said Alvord is epic. Out of Baker i would recommend going down to Succor Creek, great camping there with one of the only place to get to gwg Thunder Eggs. Lesie gulch is also a must...
  5. whistlepunk

    Waterproofing the Plano Sportsman box

    Thanks for the tip. I was looking at the Plano boxes since i can not afford any of the nicer overland specific ones and was concerned about the waterproof issue.
  6. whistlepunk

    If there's already a fire, why cook on a stove?

    I prefer to cook over fire whenever possible - both at home and out camping. I do carry a two burner Coleman stove for those times that fire is not an option; fire restriction, if it is to wet/rainy and i want to cook under the awning, better control and we normally do breakfast on the stove...
  7. whistlepunk

    Lighting up Camp

    Headlamps are the primary light source for tasks. We also have a few Black Diamond Moji lanterns that we place around camp and in tents as locating lights. We also have a couple of battery powered LED light strings that we may or may not use depending on the campsite and conditions
  8. whistlepunk

    Camp Priorities

    As soon as we pick the spot i like to get everything set up as soon as possible. I have found the hard way that time seems to slip by to quick in cam and all of a sudden it is dark. Get it done early then no worries- perfect for beer time
  9. whistlepunk

    SW Idaho Adventures

    Still one of my most favorite parts of the country to explore.
  10. whistlepunk

    Storing eggs

    We have used the yellow eg holders both with store bought and farm fresh eggs that do not require refrigeration as well as the pre-scramble and put in a bottle. most of the time we decide to go with the bottle of eggs as it seems to work better storage wise. If i am planning a recipe on a trip...
  11. whistlepunk

    Cast Iron or No? (weight right now is not an issue for me)

    I agree if weight is not a concern take the cast iron everywhere. When we go out we take a 10" cast skillet and a 10" Dutch with legs. Between those two they handle 90% of our cooking and can easily be used on the stove or over fire with no worry.
  12. whistlepunk

    How About the WJs?

    Not much special done to mine yet, upgrades are in the waiting. Still the best overall there is out there 03 Overland
  13. whistlepunk

    My Camp Kitchen Chuck Box

    Nice setup. Pretty much built the same style myself with a couple changes. Instead of storage on top i made fold out leaves to create a work-surface and place to put the camp-stove. When not in use the camp stove slides in to the bottom with a cutting board. I also added a couple of drawers in...
  14. whistlepunk

    Jeep Owners Represent!

    2003 WJ Overland. Pretty much stock at the moment, for the moment. 2001 XJ as the support Jeep