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  1. Don Smith Jr

    Wireless winch control boxes.

    I tried searching but didn't get a hit so--Question for the guys with wireless winch controllers. Do you leave your control box plugged in all the time or only when in use. The directions say don't leave it plugged in but not having to mess with it each time would be nice. Thoughts from users...
  2. Don Smith Jr

    Fuel storage for my rig

    I would like to know the average amount of fuel most of you carry in storage on your rig. I have a 1998 4Runner with a 15 gallon stock tank so I'm trying to decide how many gallons would be sufficient for storage. Current thoughts are either 4 gallons or 8 gallons. Thanks Don Don Smith OB #2559...
  3. Don Smith Jr

    Trail ride in the Big South Fork Railway Nature Area

    Don Smith OB #2559