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  1. DiegoDA

    Hello, new to the Rocky Mountain area!

    Hello, I joined OB two years ago in Virginia, I moved to Wyoming shortly after that unfortunately I have spent most of the two years out of the US and will be back mid December. I wanted to drop a line and see if you guys had any resources for the Wyoming and Montana area. -Diego
  2. DiegoDA

    Youtube Accounts And Making Videos

    Well, as I start getting more interested in overlanding my girl and I thought it would be a good idea to start filming and documenting our progress from the beginning. how many of you guys have youtube accounts? and do you have any tips and tricks it would be helpful.
  3. DiegoDA

    Anyone been to Daniel Boone National Forest?

    Hey guys, Planning a trip to Daniel Boone National Forest and wanted to see who has been out there? still relatively stock so nothing crazy but might just consider parking and hiking to the dispersed camp sites. any advice is appreciated.