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  1. BHarriger

    US Southwest Recurring - North Central Texas Meet & Greet

    Here's the direct link. Was posted a couple of days after the last post on the thread. I plan to be there and would love to meet some fellow Texan overland types. Texas Avid Outdoors Fall Expo B
  2. BHarriger

    What is your preferred shelter? (Rooftop Tent vs Ground Tent vs Etc...)

    Fair enough... thanks for the thoughtful response. I'll be letting this idea go. :-) B
  3. BHarriger

    What is your preferred shelter? (Rooftop Tent vs Ground Tent vs Etc...)

    I have been thinking about this since your reply... My intent is to use awnings that have vertical supports at their edges. Like the Raptor 4K. Wondering if that changes you opinion?
  4. BHarriger

    What is your preferred shelter? (Rooftop Tent vs Ground Tent vs Etc...)

    I have been primarily a ground tent person for years. One-man when I'm by myself, 4-man when the grandsons are with me.) I did do a stint with a truck bed tent for a few years. (That was my favorite, by far.) Driving a 2019 Grand Cherokee Trailhawk these days and am about to add an awning for...
  5. BHarriger

    Any other WK2 Grand Cherokee builds out there

    Here's mine. So far just a Wilco spare tire holder and a Chief Products roof rack. (Anyone know if Chief Products is still in business? Yep... they are. Spoke to their customer service team yesterday). This is before I added the rack frame piece, which I have found to dramatically reduce wind...
  6. BHarriger

    Show me a Road Sign.....really any sign...

    Three that made me smile in the past few months... My Costa Rica friends tell me that Pura Vida is free there. :-) I'm sure many can relate. I call this one "Conflicted".
  7. BHarriger

    Roof racks for photographers

    A [very] long overdue update. I chose the Chief Products rack back in mid-2020. I went with 6 planks (one is removed in this photo as it was causing my "prototype" air dam to flutter at highway speeds combined with a strong cross wind.) I regret not purchasing the Platform Frame, which smooths...
  8. BHarriger

    Found in Oregon

    Beer. I'm certain there was beer in it. Or at least the remnants of beer.
  9. BHarriger

    FrontRunner / Chief Product Roof Rack Accessory Compatibility?

    Title kind of says it all. Has anyone experimented with putting FrontRunner accessories on a Chief Products roof rack? Also... wondering if someone with a FR Rack wouldn't mind measuring the width of the channel in the roof slat and sharing. I want to put rubber t-slot seals in my CP rack to...
  10. BHarriger

    On the fence - push me over: buy or build a skottle?

    This: DISCADA | Plow Disc Cooking | Plow Disk Cooker | Disco | Outdoor Wok | Disc Grill
  11. BHarriger

    Roof racks for photographers

    Thanks. That does indeed help. I definitely have better perspective on the length available now. At 60" to 70" length for my application on a WK2, a tent and platform combo seems out of the question unless I go extremely small on a tent. Not out of the question as I'll usually be solo, but...
  12. BHarriger

    Roof racks for photographers

    I hadn't really considered deflection of the expanded metal yet. Good call-out. Thanks.
  13. BHarriger

    Roof racks for photographers

    I'm planning the build of my '19 Grand Cherokee Trailhawk. On the subject of roof racks: I have three racks on the "possible list". Gobi, Chief Products, and Frontrunner. Chief and Frontrunner are very similar, with the plank style cross members. Gobi stands alone with the expanded metal...
  14. BHarriger

    Show me a Road Sign.....really any sign...

    My grandson in front of a sign I gave my grandfather years ago. It sits at the top of one of the steepest trails on our farm in Pennsylvania. The tilt of the tractor is no exaggeration.
  15. BHarriger

    Member Number? Upgrade Your Account! Read

    The "link in the email" option has me stumped (I've clicked them all) so posting here.
  16. BHarriger


    Joining the fold. :-) First, let me say how impressed I am with this program. Everything is a class act. From the store experience, to the tracking of my membership order, to the features and content in forums and YouTube. I felt like I should have made an unboxing video of the membership...