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    My GMC Overland Rig

    What do you do for sleeping? RTT, something fancy under that topper or are you a tent man? Sent from my XT1635-01 using OB Talk mobile app
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    Any vegan overlanders out there?

    Not vegan but I'll ask the wife tonight we have a few "meatless" meals we make I'll get the recipes for you Sent from my XT1635-01 using OB Talk mobile app
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    Did you ever regret not buying a rig?

    Had an chance to get a 2014 trail 4 runner in metallic blue used 25k miles for 35k or a 2013 ltz Silverado with 15k for 36k , at the time I had a pretty big trailer and a couple toys so I got the truck, sold the trailer and the toys that it was mentioned for about 6 months later due to a job...
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    2011 silverado build

    I put the rough country 2 inch lift and level, installed it myself and then went and got an alignment and the tire's put on. Plan is to change out the lift for an icon stage 1 2 inch. I got a CAI cold air intake and an edge CTS to turn off the AFM, helps with milage to. The stabilitrac works...
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    2011 silverado build

    It's been slow progress on upgrades over the last 2 years we primarily use coolers and load all our gear in the bed under a Tonneau cover, but in a random Craigslist miracle we found a color match topper 200miles away. After some bartering and haggling I picked it up for some spair parts I had...
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    2011 silverado build

    First upgrade was a 2" lift and level to bring the nose up, and 285/70 r17. Rides like a dream. Before and after. Sent from my SM-N910V using OB Talk mobile app
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    2011 silverado build

    Here is what it looked like the day I brought it home, 62k miles bone stock Sent from my SM-N910V using OB Talk mobile app
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    2011 silverado build

    My whole life I have been boondocking and camping, just recently found out about overlanding and it fits the style of camping I enjoy the most. It seems that The journey to my destinations have always been just as exciting if not more that the final destination. I love vehicle dependent travel...