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  1. Kjard95

    US Northwest Inland Northwest - Salmon River Beach Bonanza.

    We may be inland, but it doesn't mean we don't have beachfront property. Grab your towel and sunscreen and come enjoy this riverside camp out. A seafood dinner theme and Hawaiian shirts are encouraged but not required. We'll be meeting in Lewiston Idaho to start the convoy out to the Salmon...
  2. Kjard95

    2010 Tahoe Budget Build.

    In 2018 I was looking for a daily driver and first overland rig. I had specific criteria in mind: affordable, reliable, and a bit unique. What I found was a Chevrolet Tahoe. Some might say a Tahoe is not unique, but in the world of Pathfinder‘s and 4runner‘s, the Tahoe stands out. I bought my...